Tinted Lenses are the Mood-Boosting Accessory You Need

There’s a new up and coming fashion trend this spring: color tinted lenses. You may have seen Gigi Hadid, Larissa Hoffman and other models and influencers rocking the tinted shades in yellow, pink and orange. These glasses can be paired with any outfit to add a super chic effect. Fortunately, you don’t have to drop major dough to achieve this look: many stores across Manhattan are fully stocked with these trendy pieces at a lower cost.

One store that you can easily find these tinted lenses is Walmart. They offer yellow aviator glasses starting at $9.95. If you’re desiring the round “John Lennon” glasses, Urban Outfitters offers them in both pink and blue for $18. Into cat eye glasses? Express on Broadway supplies those in a pink tint. Express has a huge variety of these tinted lensed glasses, so if you’re dying to get a pair, this is a great place to do it within close proximity to campus. These glasses go from $30-$40. If you’re looking for another place close to campus without spending $30 on glasses, there is a little outdoor place on St. Marks Place where you can get any color you want — pink, yellow, orange, blue, or purple — for just $7.


Source: Instagram

Besides being inexpensive and insanely fashionable, these color tinted lenses may have multiple health benefits. Psychologist Helen Irlen found that colored lenses reduces the ‘sensory overload’ in a person’s mind, specifically people with processing disorders (ADD or autism)  or with chronic migraines. They also help people who have trouble sleeping. The reason people are normally affected by this is because of the blue light given off by computer screens, phones and TVs. This inhibits our production of melatonin, which helps us sleep at night. Wearing tinted glasses during the day combats this struggle, thus allowing you to sleep better. Essentially, according to psychologist Keith Hillman, they “block certain wavelengths while letting others in.”

Color in general is proven to have different effects on our moods. Blue makes us feel more relaxed. Red makes us feel more excited. Yellow makes us feel optimistic and friendly. So, it is no surprise that wearing color tinted glasses actually has a mood boosting effect as well. It takes the phrase “looking through rose colored glasses” to a whole new level.

Caroline Zemsky is a contributing writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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