High Fashion, College Wallet: VETEMENTS S/S 2017

The Spring 2017 Vetements runway show was full of bold statements and bright colors. As expected, Vetements showed off their ability to be effortless and edgy while having the essence of high fashion. Demna, Guram and the Gvasalis brothers, the masterminds behind the success of Vetementsdemonstrated the potential future of fashion.

The show was the opener of Paris Fashion Week at the Galeries Lafayette. The show defied several rules of couture, such as having the accompaniment of 18 other designs on their runway. Models wore brands such as Champion, Doc Martens, Manolo Blanik, Levi and Reebok along with the beloved Vetements collection. This combination of several different brands and designers truly made the show another one of Vetements’s successes.

The collection itself presented a variety of designs, funky and multi-colored to monochrome and chic. Oversized blazers, unbuckled belts and colorful waist-height boot heels were present throughout the show. A few showstopper looks were seen on three of the female models and can be easily recreated.

The first two looks have similar stylistic themes of classy chic. One consisted of a tucked-in oversized powder blue button-up top accompanied with a wide-legged navy blueish-black tailored pant, a belt hanging off the side of the model and bright cerulean heels. The second look had an untucked button-up culotte pants paired with thigh high black crushed boots and an amazing large beige trench coat. The last outfit consisted of a black denim jumpsuit with zippers down the middle of each pant leg. It was paired with a caramel colored leather belt and black suede boots.


Source: Vogue.com

The significance of Vetements collection is that many of their ensembles stand as a blueprint for personal style and can be replicated if one looks in the right places. To mimic the looks on a college student’s budget, a great place to start is searching on high street fashion websites and stores. Many stores right in SoHo such as Zara, Topshop and H&M can be great alternatives for each desired style.

To recreate the first runway look, a similar powder blue button up top can be found at Topshop for $75 with a little bow at the top to add more personal flare. For an even more affordable and simpler option, head to ASOS to find the shirt for $19. Considering the wide-legged navy blue pants, you can find a similar aesthetic at Zara for $40. Lastly for the belt, go to your nearest thrift store to find a leather gem and shop Missguided.com for a pair of cute blue heels for $63.


The most important thing to remember is that style cannot be bought, it is simply acquired. Allow Vetements to be your latest inspiration with these fabulous runway looks for the spring.

Brina Jeffries is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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