An Interview with Founder YouMe Lin

Finding NYU-oriented fashion platforms is easier than you think. If you’ve been searching through Facebook or Instagram, then it shouldn’t take you long to find is a style platform run by NYU students, for NYU students. It’s easy to find great content on, whether you’re reading about the best brunch spots near campus on their blog or getting #styleinspo from their Instagram feed.


YouMe Lin is a senior at Gallatin with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship and Fashion Business. She founded the blog over a year and a half ago. She transferred to NYU as a sophomore and was eager to find a fashion community both within NYU and in New York City. Like many fashion and beauty bloggers preceding her, she successfully turned her hobby into a business.

In an interview with Lin, she explained just how much this blog has expanded in such a short period of time. The social media accounts are growing, with over 2,500 Instagram followers and almost 2,000 Facebook fans. The success of has come largely from the global community within NYU. “I have viewers in over 48 different countries,” Lin said. “Since NYU is already a global community, we’ve gained viewers in India, Poland, Canada, and other countries.”

Another reason why has become so successful has to do with Lin herself. She was quick to acknowledge that she was business-minded from the start, partially due to her NYU education. “I oversee the operation now. My goal going into this was to be content-producer, or act more as an entrepreneur.” Now she serves as the creative director. Lin’s team has expanded greatly since the blog’s launch in 2015. The team has grown (and is still growing) into an operation of 15 people: photographers, journalists, PR managers, social media coordinator, models, amongst others. is not only a source of beauty and style inspiration for the NYU community, but it is also a networking platform for everyone to share their creative vision. She stresses the importance of networking in starting and keeping a fashion following and being open-minded. Verge Campus, an online marketing platform, originally reached out to Lin when her blog was in the early stages. From there, was able to get partnerships from other companies and fashion companies. They have also collaborated with NYC-based bloggers Sophie DuBow and Ellery Lee to give NYU student’s insider access to the fashion and beauty world in and around NYC.

Her advice to people who want to start a fashion blog is simple. “Use criticism as a source of motivation.” However, her passion is at the core of this operation, and is something that has motivated her to keep growing her following. Most importantly, Lin states, “Follow your heart. Don’t let the outside noise stop you from pursuing your dreams.”

As for the future of “This year is all about expanding,” Lin says. “I look forward to creating more content with my awesome team. My team members are my rock!” Despite her success in and outside of NYU, Lin assures, “NYU students will always be our main focus and our main audience.” This month, Lin and her team are working on a project that aims to celebrate people from different cultures and embrace diversity. “We hope to spread love and uplift people all around us,” Lin said.

You can follow YouMe and her team at their website,, or on Instagram and Facebook.

Michaela Hoffman is the Violet Vision editor. Email her at


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