Five Valentine’s Day Outfits for Five Occasions

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that some love and others want to forget. However you see it, its arrival is inevitable. If you’re planning on going all in, ignoring it completely, or somewhere in between, these outfits should cover all the situations you may find yourself in on Valentine’s Day.

  1. An “upscale” dinner date: When you think of Valentine’s Day, this may be the first thing to come to mind: you and your date, over candlelight, eating an extremely overpriced dinner. This restaurant most likely has a “no jeans, no service” policy, so dress to impress. A dress is always safe, and you can pair it well with your favorite pair of non-sneakers. No matter what you choose to wear, it will be a night to remember.


Dress: Zara ; Shoes: Public Desire

2. A romantic stroll around the city: You’re going to want to ditch the heels for this one. If you know you’re going to be doing a fair amount of walking on Valentine’s Day, then you’re going to need to find a balance of comfort and stylish. Layer up against the cold with a pair of warm trousers, a sweater and a durable jacket or pea coat. Comfortable shoes are key, so loafers, boots and certain sneakers are both seasonally and situationally appropriate.


Sweater: H&M ; Pants: Forever 21 ; Jacket: ASOS ; Shoes: Calvin Klein

3. A night at a comedy show: Feel free to bust out your jeans for this date. You’re going to want to wear some casual clothing for this date, but you still don’t want to look underdressed. Balance your favorite jeans with a nice top, cute shoes and whatever jewelry you feel is appropriate. Tonight is all about laughing and having a good time with your date, so don’t overthink it.


Top: ASOS ; Pants: Urban Outfitters ; Shoes: Free People

4. Galantine’s Day chic: Who needs boys? It’s all about the ladies tonight. You’re going to want to wear something that you’re going to feel your best in. Layering is key, since you’ll probably end up sweating profusely in a club or packed bar somewhere. Pair a bodysuit of your choosing with a skirt (or a dress) with your best thigh high boots and fishnets. Finish off the look with a coat, preferably with fun colors or faux fur. You and your girls will be #squadgoals.


Bodysuit: Target; Skirt: Missguided ; Jacket: H&M ; Fishnets: Dolls Kill; Shoes: Charlotte Reusse

5. I’m pampering myself tonight: A date with Neflix doesn’t sound so bad. If you’re choosing to pamper yourself tonight, then being fashionable is probably not on your radar. This outfit should be something you wouldn’t mind messing up with food, or something you could easily fall asleep in. For this look, leggings, sweats and warm footwear are your friends. Secure your Netflix positioning, get your food, and enjoy this night! You need it.


Top: Uniqlo ; Pants: adidas ; Shoes: Forever 21

Michaela Hoffman is the VioletVision Editor. Email her at


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