Airbnb’s New Trips are for the Fashionable Jetsetter

If you’re not aware of Airbnb, let me fill you in: Airbnb is an online marketplace matching hosts and guests in many locations around the world for a low short-term rental price. If you are looking for a cheap and unique experience somewhere in the world, Airbnb will not disappoint.

Recently, Airbnb launched its newest “people-powered platform,” called Trips, in which you can book fashion-focused experiences involving shopping and designer studio visits with local experts. The best part? These excursions are designed for people on a budget: you can now access unique fashion insight from cultural hubs across the world for as low as $158. In some cases, this cost can cover dinner, drinks and shopping. Airbnb offers six fashion experiences per-week with limited spots for each. Here are three of the fashion trips Airbnb offers:


Destination: Detroit, Michigan

Price: $175

Fashion expert Nelson T., a native Detroiter and head clothier at 1701 Bespoke, is devoted to raising Detroit’s profile in the fashion world. He founded “The Seen Detroit,” a group of fashion-conscious individuals who aim to showcase Detroit’s style, diversity and culture. On this two-day excursion, Nelson promises to share a taste of true old Detroit style, by dining in style some of Detroit best jazz clubs and bars, while shopping with members of “The Seen” and getting their input. The minimum age for this trip is 18 years.


Destination: Seoul, Korea

Price: $202

For this two-day trip, you’ll explore Seoul’s fashion districts with Honey, a personal consultant who has worked for brands such as Dior and Youngwoo. Honey will help you find your perfect K-style looks by exploring Dongdaemun, Seoul’s K-style street fashion capital, and checking out three major stores that carry hundreds of local fashion brands. One of the highlights of this trip is visiting a private showroom of an up-and-coming Korean fashion designer and being able to buy some of the clothes at a discounted price. The minimum age for this trip is 18 years.

“Tote Chic”

Destination: Paris, France

Price: $208

Every fashion girl dreams of going to Paris one day. For a very low price, you can get Parisian fashion insight from Kaisa, a Native New Yorker and tote-bag designer based out of Paris. For three days, you’ll have the chance of mingling with some of Paris’s most creative designers and fashion visionaries who specialize in vintage clothing, jewelry design, shoes and much more. Expect to do a lot of people-watching in various cafés across the city with some of Kaisa’s fashionable friends, who promise to give fashion insight over a glass of rosé. The minimum age for this trip is 18 years.

These are just a few of the trips Airbnb offers: there are other opportunities offered in nine other cities, including Tokyo, London and Cape Town. Airbnb changes the excursions weekly, so if there was nothing enticing on this list, then keep checking for an opportunity that will suit your fashionable desires. Although some trips can be a little pricy, these are once in a lifetime opportunities, so take advantage of it!

Michaela Hoffman is a staff writer. Email her at


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