How to Mesh Well with the Mesh Trend

Believe it or not, the daring mesh trend has a lot more to it than meets the eye. We often consider mesh to be something we’ll wear for a quick gym session or a Friday night out, but it’s actually something we can add to our closet as an everyday outfit enhancer. And with an influx of mesh products from sweaters to backpacks to dresses to shoes comes more variety in how to style them.

Wearing mesh almost certainly guarantees showing a little skin — the important question is how much are you comfortable revealing? Here’s where panels come in handy. Keep an eye out for pieces that are concealed for the most part but have mesh sleeves or a few stripes as finishing touches. Another option if you’re wearing a entirely mesh top like this one from Missguided, for instance, is to wear a tank top or the right bralette underneath it. This Ruffle Mesh T-Shirt from Topshop might be something you’ll want to pick up if you’re leaning towards mesh and panels.

Athletic-inspired clothing often involves a lot of mesh. The sporty look is something to gravitate toward whenever you’re in the mood to throw on a more casual, laid back ensemble. Add mesh to that, and you’ve got an outfit that’s put together in an instant. Leggings with mesh inserts are all the rage at the moment, so you can find them at almost any major retailer. Stop by Forever 21 to purchase these Active Mesh-Insert Leggings. These can easily be paired with a basic tee and flats or sneakers to keep up with the sporty theme.

Mesh dresses are very of-the-moment, so you may be vying to get your hands on one. However, in all honesty, mesh dresses are always a bit more difficult to style due to their sheerness. In this case, a slip will be your new best friend. Throw your mesh dress over a slip, and you’ll be good to go. If your mesh dress is designed with panels, then a jacket or coat layered over it is your best option. Mesh dresses and leather jackets specifically make for a dynamic duo. This pairing is the perfect two-in-one as it provides just the right amount of both comfort and style.

The mesh trend doesn’t exclude accessories either. Mesh backpacks, such as the Mi-Pac Satin Mesh Backpack from Asos, are something you might want to tote around if you want your look to have a subtle hint of edge. There’s also mesh tote bags and purses for a streamlined silhouette. Shoes aren’t left out either —  from mesh heels to sandals to boots, the semi-sheer material has got you strapped in.

Whether this mesh comeback is here to stay or it’s simply a fad, you better make the most of it. Mesh can be styled in many ways to fit your own personal style, so what are you waiting for?

Sherah Ndjongo is a staff writer. Email her at

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