High Fashion, College Wallet: Babyghost S/S 2017

Joshua Huppert and Qiaoran Huang consistently blend together their respective cities of New York and Shanghai to create a hip, youthful aesthetic for their brand Babyghost. Their Spring 2017 presentation, live streamed over Weibo during New York Fashion Week, was consistent with the overall brand by using a 1970s “Indigo Children” theme and allowing interns and models to collaborate on styling. Babyghost is only six years old, a fairly young yet increasingly established voice in fashion. Huppert and Huang continued experimenting while also keeping to a signature interest in subculture to create an overall pleasing next step for the brand this season.


Pieces were neutral, mixing together knitwear and edgy materials. A black, stringy choker with an oversized pendant, subtle smoky eye and a topknot finished each look. One outfit was a standout in its potential to make the ‘70s-reminiscent subculture work in a more formal or professional setting. The look’s centerpiece was a cream knit midi dress with a boatneck, a strikingly conservative choice for Babyghost. Black fingerless gloves peeked out from the sleeves, and eye-catching cutout tights helped to solidify that this look was cool and modern. The look also included black jeweled flats and white nail polish in addition to the collection’s aforementioned overarching details. Young, fashionable people could make the pieces work for a classy party, a day out or maybe even an internship.

Each piece is fairly easy to recreate affordably, since each item on it’s own is similar to already popular staples and trends. Indiefit carries a beige boatneck sweater dress for $72, a bit of an investment but worth the versatility of this basic piece. Tights similar to the model’s are widely available and the range of styles provide infinite possibilities. Try these No Nonsense tights for just $7; they provide the chevron pattern and skin baring of Babyghost’s tights.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 5.27.17 PM.png

Walmart may not be the height of fashion, but it carries good fingerless gloves. The matte satin pair has flower detailing for a pretty touch. For flats, go for this decorated pointed-toe pair available for $30 on TBDress or try this more simple Chinese Laundry option, on sale for just $25. The choker is this look’s most unique piece, so just make an effort to find something with an edgy and/or vintage feel. This Victorian choker has an absolutely gorgeous pendant, but costs $85 so those wanting to spend less can try something like this Forever 21 choker to get the oversized pendant look for just $6. Finish with an off-center topknot and subtly dramatic makeup.

Brands of all price ranges experiment with mixing classic staples and subculture influences, making the ways to recreate the Babyghost look as well as use the pieces in other ways countless. While this look is in the spring collection and will certainly look excellent then, it also seems promising to work well for a holiday cocktail party or breaking out of a cold-weather rut while dressing professionally. These carefully-chosen pieces allow for an edgy, attention-grabbing statement while still letting the wearer gain respect from a boss or conservative acquaintance.

Ali Webb is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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