Velvet, A Recurring Fall Trend

Making a comeback in 2014 and starring in the Fall 2015 runways, velvet has yet again taken over as the major trend for this upcoming season. Although cool and chic, velvet is to be styled intelligently. Let’s be real – we are not Cara Delevingne and we cannot flawlessly rock Topshop’s Premium Velvet Blue Suit as she did. However, there are ways to stay both fashionable and within budget this fall.

Basically, the key to wearing velvet is to focus on statement pieces. Be it skirts, boots, blazers or chokers, the piece you select should stand out but not override the entire outfit. If daring to go head to toe in a velvet bodysuit, mind the accessories. Check out a few options below:


1301_41 / $34
ts27s04kgld_zoom_f_1 / $100










Don’t doubt the magical powers of a good, flared skirt. Whether paired with ballet flats, thigh-high boots or classic loafers, skirts can take on any style. Regarding velvet, wine red and dark green skirts are making a comeback before the holidays. And don’t be afraid to play with length. Midi skirts are still in the game — and they’re pretty cute.

Blazers and Coats


7845659800_2_1_1 / $169


4786243330_2_1_1 / $169










00130133-01 / $54.90

Whatever you buy, keep in mind that NYC can get pretty cold really fast and suddenly, during the middle of a snow the sun can show, turning the day hot. If you find yourself buying a blazer or a coat, it is recommended for the garment to be a multi-weather option to get a good run for your money. Light but cozy or thick and stylish, remember that velvet is not waterproof, although some prints this season are worth running in the rain for.


7117101009_2_4_1 / $69.90
629810_00_zoom / $640










73040134_78 / $79.99

Be it flats, heels or boots, they are all taking on velvet for this coming winter. Dress them up with a dress or down with a pair of jeans. Velvet shoes are becoming as versatile as they ever have. From Salvatore Ferragamo to Superga, Zara and MANGO, velvet is rushing in from Europe to the States. Remember: watch the puddles!


hmprod / $14.99
67v28f2_2000 / $159.95











As bold as Carrie Bradshaw’s naked slip dress or as extravagant as Marie Antoinette’s bustled gowns, this upcoming season’s frocks come in a great variety. Sometimes it’s hard to pick price over fashion, but fear not – H&M has velvet dresses starting at $14.99 (yes, really!). Looking for a more distinguishing dress but can’t afford Gucci? Desigual brings various options for the season, too.


443496_k4d2t_5671_001_066_0011_light-gg-marmont-velvet-shoulder-bag / $1790
hmprod-1 / $3.99









Inside Bergdorf Goodman, the store is filled to the brim with velvet finds. Top labels have at least two bags or purses for this upcoming season in velvet; Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci and others are bringing their A-game. On a more student-friendly side, H&M and Forever21 are still going strong on chokers, bringing a wide variation of velvet styles for this winter.

Laura Diaz is a contributing writer. Email her at


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