Beauty YouTuber Products: More Than Just Your Typical Celebrity Collaboration

Any makeup lover will tell you that beauty YouTubers are go-tos for all things makeup. They inform viewers of the latest trends, offer opinions on new products–both high-end and drugstore, and constantly show how to create beautiful looks. Their videos are addicting, making it difficult to limit oneself to watching just one. Beauty fans all have a select few they subscribe to, over time developing a relationship that feels personal. They have a clear knowledge on the subject and seem to give honest, fair reviews on the makeup they try, earning fans’ trust. The YouTubers have, after all, seemingly tried everything out there–as is clear from videos where they go through their massive collections. So when these gurus release their own products, sometimes in collaboration with major cosmetics companies, subscribers rush to fill up their virtual carts.

Some people might be skeptical, thinking the products could easily just be another marketing ploy; the YouTubers acting like celebrity spokespersons for profit and the cosmetics companies using their names to sell products. But within the YouTube beauty community, expectations for these products are high. After all, if you claim to be a makeup expert and you release your own, it needs to be good. And for the most part, this seems to have been the case.

Nearly all products by beauty YouTubers have sky-high reviews. And it makes sense: while major companies can get away with creating a bad product or two without suffering too badly, when a single person puts their name on a badly executed product, major consequences are possible.  These people are not huge, faceless companies; they are celebrities with personal brands to keep up. If the product is sub par, customers have a face to hold accountable and will have limitless outlets (review sections, comment sections, their own videos) to express frustrations about the product–and its creator. YouTubers do their best to choose brands they work with carefully and make sure that the products they put their name on do what they’re supposed to, truly contributing something positive to the makeup world.

These are people who have not only tried makeup galore, but are also constantly in contact with potential customers through YouTube and other social media platforms. YouTubers have the ability to act as middlemen between companies and customers, helping the companies to create products and shades that customers would like. Of course the companies also benefit; once the product is released it is nearly guaranteed to sell out.

Wondering where to start your search? Here are a few YouTuber created products!

  1. KathleenLights collaborated with Ofra to create 2 liquid lipstick shades, Miami Fever and Havana Nights. She has also worked closely with ColourPop for some time, having released two sets of eyeshadows with them, Where the Light is and Where the Night is, and lip products including a matte lipstick called Lumiere with matching lip liner and a liquid lipstick, Lumiere 2.

2. GlamLifeGuru (Tati Westbrook) has collaborated with BirchBox. Westbrook helped to create BirchBox’s first makeup collection for their new brand Love of Color. The collection includes 5 eyeshadow sticks and 3 lipsticks.

3. Jeffree Star started his own brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Probably his most popular item are his matte liquid lipsticks, which other beauty YouTubers have raved about.

4. Manny Mua collaborated first with Makeup Geek to create a nudes eyeshadow palette, and then with Ofra to create 3 liquid lipsticks, which sold out in almost no time.

5. Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to create a Shimmering Skin Perfector highlight in the color Champagne Pop which quickly became a Sephora best seller.

Catalina Gonella is a staff writer. Email her at


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