Signature Style: Taylor Fordham

Style is one of the many aspects that define an NYU student. It is impossible to walk down the street or even through Bobst Library without seeing the thousands of students that roam the campus every day displaying distinct fashion senses. Each student’s style allows their personality to shine through their clothing, accessories, and overall appearance.

A student with that oh-so independent sense of style is freshman Taylor Fordham. A Media, Culture, and Communications major in Steinhardt, she is always showing off what she calls her “bohemian, eclectic, and chic” style. If you see Fordham on campus, she is always rocking her personal style, which is inspired by her love of all things from the 1980s and 1990s.

Fordham was able to discover her signature sense of style from her hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida where she says, “there was not really a uniform sense of fashion that was worn throughout Daytona Beach, except for shoe trends such as Vans, Converse, and other kinds of sneakers. Everyone just kind of wore what they felt like wearing.” Because of this background, Fordham naturally felt inclined towards wearing the types of clothes she noticed from past decades.

Because of her love for vintage styles and clothing, as well as her penchant for a good fashion deal, Fordham finds that the best places for retro-inspired pieces on a budget are Forever 21, H&M, various Goodwill locations, JC Penney, and Charlotte Russe. These stores always have vast selections of clothing, and you are unlikely to burn through your bank account if you shop at any of them.

As a style maven, Fordham recommends that you can never go wrong with creating an outfit from those few stores if you have an oversized sweater, a pair of leggings, and a pair of boots. This combination of staple pieces can be found at various stores in affordable prices, and they work for almost every season of the year.

When asked if her style had changed at all since her move from Daytona Beach to New York City, Fordham replied that her style “had not necessarily changed.” Instead she finds herself wearing similar clothing and simply including more “all black everything” ensembles, but it mostly seems as if her sense of style has been amplified by the fact that New Yorkers do not really have a single acceptable look. In New York one can try anything, so Fordham chooses to take inspiration from two of her favorite style stars and celebrities, Keke Palmer and Zendaya. She also finds herself wearing more daring pieces that still fit within her typically bohemian, eclectic, and chic style choices.

Photos by Anna Letson.

Mallori Albright is a staff writer. Email her at


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