Polishes and Nail Spas For Your Spring Mani-Pedi

Have the long chilly months left your mani a mess and your feet toe-tally undone? Don’t wait any longer! Fortunately, we have compiled our list of recommended places to get your cuticles cleaned and tips looking popping. Do your fingers and toes a favor and check out what these local salons and trendy colors have to offer you, finailly.



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Yves Saint Laurent’s La Laque Couture in Bleu Celadon – Treat yourself to a quick trip to the Bahamas with this luxurious shade of crystal blue. Reminiscent of the Caribbean waters that surround these island oases, this aquamarine tint is a subtle way to honor the beach bonfires and the pool parties that are bound to happen this season.


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Essie’s Watermelon- This exhilarating shade of red offers a refreshing air. It might be a reflection of July 4th patriotism or the fiery trails of sparklers in the sky. Perhaps it is a reminder of the passionate tones of the sunset skies. From its name, this polish reminds us most of watermelons and their reputation as a summery, American picnic staple.


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Nails Inc’s Summer Party Grosvenor Gardens – For those seeking a little more glam in their life, consider painting your nails with glitter. This polish, with a hint of a rosy hue, will well accompany your endless nights of spontaneity with its speckles of pink, gold, and silver. Paint on 2-3 layers of this shade and pair it with a little black dress.

Nail Lacquer’s Naked – Ideally paired with a suntan, this organic almond tone emanates an essence of timelessness with its authentic, natural chroma. The perfect transition from the earthy tones of spring to the lulling glow of summer, this polish is a minimalistic look for those who want to keep it real. Sometimes, less truly is more.


Gypsophila Nail & Spa – For a $30 mani-pedi, take a five-minute walk from Washington Square Park to Gypsophila Nail & Spa, a peaceful oasis of relaxation.  A charming atmosphere and convenient location accompany this salon’s reportedly top-notch service and wide array of nail colors. Toss in a complimentary drying-period massage and you’ll have no problem filling your loyalty card in no time. Appointments are available, but walk ins are welcome. Gypsophila is on West 12th Street in the West Village.

Yo Yo Spa – For those looking for an affordable quick fix, the West Village’s Yo Yo Spa is a great go-to salon. Featuring short lines and immediate accommodation, this cozy corner is perfect for on-the-go students on a budget. Located at 217 W 14 St,  the spa boasts a summer steal price of $10.

Emi Nails – A nail artist from Tokyo Japan, Emi Aoki is the mastermind behind Emi Nails, recognized for its specialization of detailed and creative designs, from iridescent neon yellow-and-black nails to Japanese nail art to banana prints. Located between 7th Ave and Avenue of the Americas, Emi Nails is more expensive than the above options, but customers report two to three-week nail polish durability and, from the looks of the intricate designs on Aoki’s Instagram (@emi_aoki_nails), this is a price worth paying.

Featured photo by Ashley Arnold.

Jen Park is a contributing writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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