Signature Style: Stephanie Namkoong

NYU is a school known for its style. Most students treat every sidewalk en route to class as their own runway. This ritual is one of the most lovable things about the school, and I, too, like to take advantage of the ample fashionistas that walk the campus on the daily. One of those fashionistas is Tisch freshman Stephanie Namkoong.

As a Chicago native, Namkoong has always been inspired by the fashion she noticed while out and about, and today, those images have resulted in her personal aesthetic that she calls urban, edgy street style. “I’m not afraid to show some skin or wear patterns as long as I don’t mix patterns,” Namkoong said when asked about risks she likes to take with her clothing. She makes her outfits fit her style by balancing simple statement pieces with a few must-have items for the perfect urban wardrobe.

When she’s in a rush, Namkoong’s go-to pieces are a tube skirt, a loose-fitting, cropped sweater, Timberland boots, Nike sneakers, low-heeled skirts, a cap, a beanie, and simple makeup. The tube skirts, as well as a nice pair of jeans, are good staples for any number of outfits. It is also a plus if the staples are in dark, neutral, earthy tones so that they can go with different accessories and other pieces.

Since she has been a student at New York University, Stephanie has noticed her style has evolved quite a bit. Where her typical look at home was more toned down and inconspicuous, she has noticed how here, people dress more eclectically and consistently wear clothing that conveys a certain theme almost every day. Stephanie has also learned that people in New York City don’t really judge what others are wearing, so she feels more comfortable testing out different clothing that she never would have tried before, such as preppy and bohemian styles.

In addition to what she likes to wear, Stephanie has a few tips for the perfect outfit of the day. She says to “make [at least one piece of the outfit] something interesting like statement shoes or a hat.” She also reminds us to keep in mind how we pair different items and to “always pair tight and loose together (whether that’s a crop top and a full skirt or skinny jeans and an oversized sweater)” in order to make an outfit that is “on point.”

Another way Stephanie procures her signature style is by shopping certain brands and stores. She prefers Urban Outfitters for casual clothes, Zara for both basic pieces and formalwear, Topshop for shoes and statement pieces, Rad for prints and graphic pieces, and Public Desire for inexpensive shoes of good quality. And even though she’s a college student on a college budget, Stephanie always finds inspiration from the aesthetics of designer brands such as Alexander McQueen and the clean, timeless shapes of clothing from Prada and Gucci alike.

Mallori Albright is a staff writer. Email her at


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