High Fashion, College Wallet Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2016

Not only is it officially spring, but music festival season has also begun. This means everyone can try out their free-spirited, boho side and embrace the season’s easygoing vibes. For those that need a balance between modern city slicker and bohemian flower child, Isabel Marant is the perfect brand. Her Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection combines global influences with an urban aesthetic. Marant’s carefully curated style channels various cultures and traditions in a fashion-forward mindset. Inspired by Rajasthan, her collection features colorful embroidery, traditional Indian prints and harem pants. Many of the looks’ metallic, fringe and folded details contributed to the global influence. The collection also seemed to fit into the ‘70s feel that has resurfaced in recent seasons. But despite clearly bohemian markers, the collection’s sense of polish kept it from looking worn-out or over thought. It had something for everyone, from silver, sequined hot pants to asymmetrical layered wrap dresses to yellow utilitarian jumpsuits. The eclectic mix seems like the perfect match for the mixed moods of a music festival.


This look embraces the high shine featured in the collection, but also stays casual. The metallic high-waisted shorts offer a trendy base for the outfit. The oversized, white chambray shirt balances out the shorts due to its timelessness. Red t-strap sandals give the look a pop of color and offer a subtle hint of Marant’s eclectic aesthetic. This simple three-piece look  makes a statement without sacrificing its laid-back feel. While this ensemble would fit in at a festival, it would look equally appropriate while walking the streets of New York. It embraces the versatility of Marant’s collection.

High Fashion, College Wallet

Recreating this look is easy on a college budget since it only consists of a few pieces. Oversized white shirts are widely available at thrift shops for next to nothing. Going a couple of sizes up or searching through the men’s section may be worthwhile because of the relaxed fit. For those who want a straightforward, higher-end option, Topshop offers the oversized chambray version above for $60. Silver high-waisted shorts are a bit trickier to find, but spandex versions are available at online dance and rave retailers. This fitted pair is from American Apparel for $59. T-strap sandals are a summer staple, so many versions become available beginning in spring. The red strappy pair are $17 from GoJane.com. Just three pieces later, you will feel the accomplishment of having both a trendy, festival-ready look and the satisfaction of saving some major cash.

Sophie Fay Shaw is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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