Get Your Fashion Culture Fix

It has been over a month since New York Fashion Week came to a close, leaving the excitement and rush of the shows, which seemed endless at the time, feeling like a distant memory. This leaves many fashion junkies unsure of how to keep finding activities relating to their passion, but luckily, the city has a plethora of style-related events.

A reliable option is the Costume Institute at the Met, which offers a year round “Fashion in Art” tour, discussing different materials and styles over time. This can offer an enriching, valuable experience, as well as the amazing opportunity to grab some fashionable friends and replicate “Gossip Girl” by having lunch on the Met steps. Another museum-related event taking place is the May 20 opening of FIT’s new exhibition, “Uniformity,” which explores uniforms’ role in the fashion world.

The Museum of the City of New York has an interactive exhibition entitled “Dressing Room: Archiving Fashion,” which allows visitors to view the dressing of mannequins and shows a look behind the scenes of the fashion industry. This exhibition closes on March 25, so those interested must make last-minute plans.

Free Garment District  walking tours will occur on April 6 and 24, June 5 and 23, July 7 and 17, and August 2 and 14. This is a fantastic opportunity to more deeply explore the neighborhood, as well as show off your cutest flats while exercising for an enjoyable reason. The tours are one to two hours long, with possible access to private showrooms and sample sales.

Those who enjoy watches should be sure to go to Madison Avenue Watch Week, which runs from April 13-20. This event displays watches of the past, present, and future, like a car show for the portable timekeeping accessory.

 In addition, The Chroma NYC Pop Up will be open from April 9 to May 1. This event provides the opportunity to shop for items including jewelry and shoes from Brazilian brands. Even without a purchase, this event helps show fashion junkies foreign trends, many of which will soon make it to the U.S.  

Those who attend several of the above events and wind up craving more can always take a stroll down Fifth Avenue. Treat yourself to a Holly Golightly style breakfast at Tiffany’s, or explore the floors of Bergdorf  Goodman and/or Barneys. Bergdorf’s has a sophisticated restaurant on the seventh floor. It is fairly expensive, but well worth the experience for those who find themselves with extra cash. In addition, a new Barneys location, which recently opened on Seventh Avenue, would be exciting to check out. College students on a budget who want to have an upscale experience which does not involve crying over price tags should go to H&M, which can provide hours of excitement with its five floors of affordable items, furniture section, and beautiful design.

Make a full day out of these activities by grabbing friends and a cool spot for lunch or dinner. Hopefully, spending time away from the stresses of everyday life to embrace a fashion excursion will be memorable and refreshing. These ideas have the potential to fill the Fashion Week-sized hole in a style guru’s heart, all while taking knowledge and personal taste to the next level and providing an experience to brag about.

Additional reporting by Ali Webb.

Lenique Vincent is a contributing writer. Email her at


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