How To Tuesday: Transitioning Into Spring Style

Starting as early as February, stores display mannequins galore parading around in their floral shorts, colored tanks, and swimsuits advertising the upcoming spring season. Unfortunately, this can be frustrating when everyone is still bundled up in their warmest coat while shivering from the cold. There are multiple ways to get around this dilemma with some style tips that can help fashionable students to look warm-weather ready while keeping from freezing.

Rompers are perfect for spring and summer weather, as they give the ease of a dress while allowing for more secure coverage. When it is still cold out, pair the romper with knee-high boots, also appreciating its protection from having a Marilyn moment during wind gusts. As it gets warmer, change the boots for a cute pair of booties or sandals.

Boho is another recurrent spring look. Peasant tops capture the boho style’s essence, yet are also perfect for layering with a coordinating jacket. They can be paired with jeans for colder weather, and in warmer weather, a pair of jean shorts will create an equally cool outfit.

Maxi skirts are a great way to join warm-weather fashion with colder-weather fashion. The length of maxi skirts is long enough to shield legs from the elements while giving the flair of spring. Skirts that have a jersey-like fabric are the best to keep warm in colder weather since this adds an extra layer of comfort.

Printed pants or leggings are a great way to combat the dullness of winter. They can have floral or tribal prints and add a little pop of color to your outfit while providing warmth and comfort. These are easily paired with tall boots or short booties.   

Chambray shirts are light, making them perfect for layering. Style it with a cute blazer or leather jacket and tucked into a pair of jeans, leaving a look that is not too heavy and overwhelming for this transitional weather. Lighter chambray shirts add a color that contrasts well to neutral cold-weather pieces.  

Another option is pairing a cute tank, either solid-colored or patterned, with a textured cardigan. If that is not warm enough, throw on a medium-weight, light-colored jacket in a color like army green.

Cold shoulder tops are another option as they can cover arms while leaving a cute opening, which adds a twist to the typical long sleeve shirt commonly found during winter. They can be dressed up or down and paired easily with shorts when the weather gets warmer.

If you are still sporting that same gray sweater you have habitually worn for the past three months, but want to spice it up for the spring, textures are a surefire solution. By adding lace or pleats, the sweater gains extra dimension and the typical wintry look has a nice twist.

With creativity and a willingness to mix winter and spring wardrobes, it is simple to create practical looks that avoid repeating your December to February wardrobe.

Sabrina Chatlani is a contributing writer. Email her at


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