Why Black is Always the New Black

Seasons are changing, but black clothing works all year round. New Yorkers have a reputation for unapologetically wearing dark and dramatic ensembles of solid color with more edge than most. Despite some having strong opinions about incorporating color into their looks, “all black everything” is a never-ending trend.  Here are 12 reasons why a black wardrobe is always a great idea.

  • Black works for every occasion

Whoever said black should be reserved for funerals missed out on the color’s amazing versatility. Whether you are on your way to class or pumping from club to club, black will work for any occasion.

  • It really is figure friendly

Surely a scientist exists who can apply some sort of theory to prove black’s slimming factor, but the eyes do not lie. The solid color works great at making everyone look and feel their best about their figures.

  • People take you more seriously

Black gives you that ‘don’t mess with me’ look. It provides a sudden sophistication and elegance that communicates confidence to others, and more often than not, your self-esteem will increase.

  • It’s easy!

Using black pieces, looking good takes no effort. A solid wardrobe provides the ability to blindly put together an outfit each morning with little fuss, cutting the time it takes to get ready.

  • You can make it your own

Combine varying textures and layer different pieces together to jazz up your outfit without the excessive clashing other colors may bring.

  • People won’t know you’re a pig

Nothing is darker than black, meaning you no longer need to worry as much about spilling coffee on yourself or getting ketchup on your sweater, unless of course, you want to avoid smelling like coffee and ketchup.

  • You look more attractive

A survey conducted by UK retailer buytshirtsonline.co.uk. found that people find you more attractive when wearing the color black. Survey aside, black sparks intrigue and gives an air of mystery. People just look better in all black.

  • Jessica Lange said so

Do not piss off the Supreme.

  • Fashion loves it

Iconic designers including Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent made black their signature color. No one will tell you it is wrong to look like you belong at a fashion show.

  • It never goes out of style

People have been wearing black for centuries, literally. The trend spread in the 1500s.

  • Kim and Kanye do it

We are hoping this does not discourage you from doing it as well.  

  • You can always add color

If wearing all black is not enough, it is easy to add another color without worrying that your items will clash.

For those thinking they are not cool enough to wear all black, you are. Black works for everyone, not just the rich and the Goth. Skeptical or color-loving people actually might enjoy taking a plunge into the dark side.

Medardo Perez is a contributing writer. Email him at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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