How To Tuesday: Staying Stylish During Midterms

Somehow, it is already the point in the semester where midterms take over. Everyone knows the stress and time that comes along with these exams, from students themselves to those who deliver Insomnia Cookies. Many people get so caught up in the horrid nature of these tests that they start conveying interior frustrations through exterior appearance, otherwise known as throwing on a pair of baggy sweatpants and calling it an outfit. The wish to curl up into a ball and watch Netflix while wearing comfortable clothing is completely understandable and everyone, including the most fashionable students, has let their style slip during these stressful weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to ignore these desires. One can manage to look and feel fabulous without sacrificing necessary comfort. Basic, leisurely pieces can easily combine for a stylish, minimal-stress look. For the top, go with your favorite oversized sweater. Pair this with leggings, adding structure using combat boots. Those feeling especially in need of comfort should go for fleece lined leggings, which will help with staying warm and cozy in the midst of drinking the average student’s’ regular serving of a large iced coffee the morning of the exam (or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s the night before).

For a different look, wear jogger sweatpants, a cropped t-shirt or sweater, and running shoes. An ideal hairstyle is a messy topknot, as this bun creates a trendy look with minimal effort. Simply run your hands through your hair and twist into a topknot. Another option is the classic three-strand braid. This will stay put all day, look cute, and will not need much time or effort. When an all-night study station destroys all desire to attempt even the simplest hairstyles, just throw a beanie on. No one will know what sort of mess lies beneath this staple piece.

No matter the tricks employed to achieve style while studying takes over, the most effective technique to look put-together is a positive attitude. Every college student is going through this stress, and it is important to remember that there is more to life than midterms and not let pressure overtake sanity. Try the above outfits to feel a little less self-conscious while rushing between the library and class, but remember that everyone else is just as consumed by cramming and will not be judging a sub par outfit. Throwing on some cozy yet cute pieces, in addition to ordering coffee with an extra shot of espresso, is a sure path to success.

Ikra Zulfiqar is a contributing writer. Email her at


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