Body Diversity: Now Accepted for Men, Too

Representation in the fashion industry is expanding in unforeseen ways. Last week, IMG—an international modeling agency home to prestigious models including Hailey Baldwin and the Hadid sisters—announced its launch of a plus-size men division called Brawn. The impact of this new division may in fact transcend the world of fashion. IMG revealed Zach Miko as the first model to be signed to the division. The 26 year-old, who was also Target’s first and only plus-size model, stands tall and strong at 6’6” with a 42” waist. While his stats are considered plus-size in the fashion industry, visually Miko has the build of … Continue reading Body Diversity: Now Accepted for Men, Too

Millennials Embrace Individuality in Beauty Trends

In their revolutionary 1956 advertisement for hair dye, Clairol asked,“Does she color her hair… or doesn’t she?” This effectively freed American women to look at the color of their hair as a choice rather than a natural commandment. While hair dye was once a shameful secret designed to combat the dreaded ‘greys’, we now see twenty-somethings proudly sporting “granny hair,” illustrating just how fluid trends can be. Personality no longer remains a cherished treasure shown to a select few; merely walking down the street gives insight into all those around, whether it is due to their violet hair, eyebrow piercing, or … Continue reading Millennials Embrace Individuality in Beauty Trends

Get Your Fashion Culture Fix

It has been over a month since New York Fashion Week came to a close, leaving the excitement and rush of the shows, which seemed endless at the time, feeling like a distant memory. This leaves many fashion junkies unsure of how to keep finding activities relating to their passion, but luckily, the city has a plethora of style-related events. A reliable option is the Costume Institute at the Met, which offers a year round “Fashion in Art” tour, discussing different materials and styles over time. This can offer an enriching, valuable experience, as well as the amazing opportunity to grab … Continue reading Get Your Fashion Culture Fix

How To Tuesday: Transitioning Into Spring Style

Starting as early as February, stores display mannequins galore parading around in their floral shorts, colored tanks, and swimsuits advertising the upcoming spring season. Unfortunately, this can be frustrating when everyone is still bundled up in their warmest coat while shivering from the cold. There are multiple ways to get around this dilemma with some style tips that can help fashionable students to look warm-weather ready while keeping from freezing. Rompers are perfect for spring and summer weather, as they give the ease of a dress while allowing for more secure coverage. When it is still cold out, pair the … Continue reading How To Tuesday: Transitioning Into Spring Style