High Fashion, College Wallet Fendi Spring/Summer 2016

Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection for Fendi reflected his ability to effectively incorporate a plethora of influences into a cohesive assembly. Nods to the Renaissance manifested in mini-bloomers and almost Elizabethan gathered high-necked tops. Armor-like leather breastplates were wrapped with thick leather cording. These details mixed with modern cutouts and unexpected silhouettes. Proportions showcased the high volume recurrent throughout the collection. Balloon pants were paired with heavy, sharp-lined leather coats. Puffy sleeved tops joined with A-line mini skirts or high-waisted midi skirts.

Colors moved progressively darker throughout the show, which started with corals, reds, and whites, progressing to Aegean blues, olives, and blacks. The collection had weight to it, with designs holding their shape due to the thick textiles used. Lagerfeld manipulated leather to work for rompers, dresses, coats, tops, and skirts. Pulling the look together, the structured leather handbags Silvia Venturini Fendi designed featured the same thick stitching found throughout pieces in the collection. All of this heavy handiwork resulted in a strength departing from the romance associated with Renaissance.


This look is one of the more streamlined ensembles in the collection. It exudes sophistication, but this is communicated in a non-stuffy way. The coat-dress is an ideal transitional piece due to its layering possibilities. Worn without the turtleneck top, it could seem a bit flirtatious with its side cutouts. The white turtleneck underneath, however, is helpful for integrating the leather handbag. In addition, the thick stitching on the coat and handbag mirrors the sandals’ cutouts.


High Fashion, College Wallet


The features which make this look undeniably Fendi, such as the distinct cutouts and stitching, make it difficult to recreate exactly, but the main silhouette and aesthetic can be achieved at an affordable price. This burgundy overcoat is $50 from chicwish.com. Layer a white turtleneck sweater or shirt underneath, which as a basic piece should be available at plenty of fast fashion stores. This sweater from Forever 21 is only $11. Add caged black sandals to mimic the cutouts of the runway pair. These platform ones sell for $25 from gojane.com. Finish the outfit with a structured white handbag. TJ Maxx has a wide selection of affordable purses, including this faux leather one for $30.

Karl Lagerfeld’s masterful attention to detail takes center stage in the Fendi Spring 2016 collection. While those features make the collection definite and distinguished, they also make it more challenging to copy the look for less. The important part of duplicating this look is to focus on the larger picture and the main elements. Base the look on silhouette and color rather than the custom aspects, and this outfit will surely resemble Lagerfeld’s carefully crafted collection.

Sophie Fay Shaw is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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