Local Shops for Spring Style

The end of winter is near, and spring is finally approaching. Before the warmer weather hits, updating one’s wardrobe to match the season’s new trends is essential. Luckily, New York has many affordable shops to explore while looking for key spring pieces.

The Vintage Twin

Featuring celebrity haunt and retro glamour galore, The Vintage Twin is the perfect vintage shop for those searching for the perfect spring statement piece, whether that is a pair of shoes or a jacket. While this pop-up shop offers many items at a range of prices, several affordable pieces are available for students. Bins are full of items for only $9, and the store’s Jeanius Bar helps with finding the perfect pair of worn-in Levi’s or Calvins at a variety of price points.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange, which has locations throughout the city, is an amazing thrift store for NYU students and city dwellers alike. With constant affordability and a unique variety of items, this store is best for any spring accessories desired for your latest clothing haul without breaking the bank.

Beacon’s Closet

The renowned Beacon’s Closet is the only store on the list without a Manhattan location, but is worth traveling to Brooklyn. Beacon’s provides benefits for everyone. Those with out-of-season clothing they want to abandon to make room for new pieces can exchange them at Beacon’s Closet for cash or in-store credit (at a greater value). With or without in-store credit, this shop is the ideal place for quality designer items at a fraction of their usual prices. Making a few trips throughout the spring is beneficial, as due to their exchange program, Beacon’s is constantly receiving new items.

Warby Parker

Not worried about spring clothes, but want a new pair of glasses? Warby Parker is a good bet for obtaining stylish glasses without paying designer prices. The store also has debuted a new spring collection composed of varying styles, some of which have color options. Student discounts are also available for in-store adjustments and eye exams.

American Apparel Soho Factory Outlet

The American Apparel Soho Factory Outlet is one of downtown Manhattan’s best-kept secrets. Filled with the American Apparel brand’s factory rejects, the shop is an ideal place to go when looking for a one-of-a-kind piece from one of the most popular fast fashion brands.


Do you want to refresh your dorm or apartment? Try Muji for clean-cut Japanese styling and new takes on organizing and arranging furniture, as well as changing a room’s look with new decor.

Necessary Clothing

Check out Necessary Clothing for cheap shoes and jeans which mostly fall under $30. Get fast fashion prices for your clothes while successfully avoiding possibly wearing the same pair of sandals and jacket as everyone else.

Photos by Meetali Gupta.

Mallori Albright is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.



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