Tales from Outside the Venue

To many style enthusiasts, New York Fashion Week is an exciting time due to the opportunity of exploring upcoming collections and designers. As wonderful as this sounds, getting invites to shows for major brands like Dior, Chanel, or Saint Laurent is nearly impossible for most. In hopes of seeing famous guests, capturing street style, or catching a glimpse of the show, many people opt to roam around outside NYFW shows. Below, NYU students share their experiences of stalking these high-profile events.

Jack Maffucci

“I am a street style photographer, so my main purpose for standing outside of shows is to grab photos of the best and most daring outfits. It takes a lot of commitment to shoot street style. It’s a pretty crazy experience. I am constantly running around and trying to get that perfect shot and chase down the perfect outfit. Even though it’s crazy and pretty stressful at times, I absolutely love it.”

David Bologna

“I’ve been attending NYFW since I was 18 years old working for the NYU student newspaper. Now 21, I’ve been through six seasons of Fashion Weeks, and it’s become just like a part of my annual life.

Because I started off as a writer and eventually became an editor at the Washington Square News, I’ve attended a number of shows big and small. It’s definitely taken a lot of commitment to get here. As a journalist, it’s not only crucial to take top quality photos or write informative reviews, you need to do it fast because fashion is a fast world.

I snuck into Calvin Klein one season where I remembering seeing Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Lupita Nyongo which was so exciting. This season, I saw Coach and GypsySport which were definitely my highlights. It’s fun to see more established brands like Calvin Klein of course, but it’s also really special to see the more local brands like Pas de Calais and David Hart because they’re usually a more intimate and industry-friendly event. It’s less of a spectacle which is nice because it’s also your job.”

Tatiana Perez

“I stood outside of NYFW shows last semester for NYFW S/S 16. I initially went with the intention of capturing street style shots and videos for the Violet Vision blog channel. However, once you’re there, especially at the big shows, you do end up seeing your fair share of celebrities… which makes the street style shots and video collections extra intriguing.

Standing outside of the shows to get good shots and videos definitely takes a lot of commitment. I left at 9 in the morning for the show, stood outside for an hour fighting my way toward the front of the crowd for the best shots, and did so until the last person enters the show. Then you move to the next show in the next location halfway across New York City and repeat the cycle to get the best shots. I ended up getting back home at around 9pm. So it’s definitely a huge commitment, however so worth it! It was definitely the highlight of my first semester.”

Alexandra Riba

“We’ve all had those hopeful days where we tell ourselves that standing outside of MILK studios during NYFW will guarantee a celeb sighting. Everyone aspiring to be a part of the fashion industry has had that, “OMG what if I see so and so there!” moment.

Personally, Rachel Zoe was the biggest fashion show for me thus far. She had Prabal Gurung there as a guest speaker and her collection was immense. I never keep my expectations high, because a celeb sighting is a rare one for me. However, I was lucky enough to spot Valentino, who had just so happened to skim past my shoulder. There was no denying that orange shade of Valentino-tan was in fact the designer himself.

This season, I’m hoping to catch a lot of photos of cool street style. To me, this is the most interesting aspect of fashion week because New York is just swimming with chic outfits. I check out Vogue.com a lot for their street style slideshows. The Paris and London ones are always fab!

I’m committed to waiting around a show, because the photos of the amazing outfits (and occasional celebs) are worth the wait. Typically, there isn’t a big wait time for getting into the show; only when leaving do you want to pull your hair out!”
Evidently, standing outside Fashion Week events can truly pay off. Even though this does not include the full experience of watching the shows, it gives a taste of different styles and upcoming trends from observing street style. Also, squeezing through the crowd to get close to a favorite celebrity is an unforgettable experience. Those without invitations or press passes to shows should not be discouraged: it is possible to still be there and feel the excitement of exclusive events.

Photo by Anna Letson.

Adryan Son is the Deputy Social Media Editor. Email him at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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