How To Tuesday: Faux-Fur Vests and Coats in 2016

Fashion often has a cyclical nature, with seemingly long-gone trends suddenly returning in full force when creative designers or stylists reimagine them for modern times. Fur vests are a recent example of this, having made a comeback after a lengthy period of disappearance. They are popular for their combination of warmth and versatility, leading to everyone from celebrities to college students trying the trend, which comes in many colors and sizes and can be styled in a countless amount of ways. Due to their recent reemergence, many people are unsure how to wear a fur vest, but luckily it takes little effort to create a stylish look with the cozy item.

A long fur vest over all-black clothing is a great place to start, leaving room to experiment with the color or material. Most come in classic colors such as black, white, grey, and brown, but bolder colors are available at retailers like Forever 21. Fur vest lovers can also rock them over almost any long sleeve item, including a shirt, blazer, or jacket. Stylish boots, as well as accessories which match the wearer’s personal style, can add to any fur vest ensemble.
For a more casual look, an eye-catching vest can complement jeans, a simple t-shirt, and sneakers. When preparing for a night on the town, put a vest over a dress, such as an LBD or body con. Pins can add some extra sparkle to a going-out ensemble, instantly drawing the eye. Vintage Chanel pins are a beautiful inspiration, but as these are out of price range for most, hunting through shops, boutiques, and the internet for similar yet affordable elegant pins and brooches is a better option. Accessorizing a vest allows for a more striking, personalized appearance, and is entirely possible without breaking the bank.
The past winter has been out of the ordinary, with several record high days that vary greatly from the below-zero temperatures of years before. However, cold days still come from time to time, making it practical to pull out a fur coat when the vest no longer is adequate. These add incredible warmth, in addition to an Old Hollywood aesthetic as seen in films of the time like All About Eve. Fur coats create a classy appearance even when added to the most casual of pieces. To complete the ensemble and prepare for braving the icy wind gusts of New York’s streets, pair the coat with coordinating winter accessories, whether they are made of matching material or simply create a good color combination.
Fur coats have a negative reputation, with those wearing them receiving backlash from animal lovers for the assumption they are wearing real fur. Because of this, choosing a faux-fur version is advisable for reputation and moral reasons as well as saving money. Luckily, many designers and retailers align with this view, leaving a plethora of options for the ethically minded. Any of the aforementioned ensembles can be achieved with faux-fur, and will be eye-catching on the street as passers-by admire your cozy-chic look.
Additional reporting by Ali Webb.
Lenique Vincent is a contributing writer. Email her at

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