High Fashion, College Wallet Opening Ceremony Spring/Summer 2016

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, designers and founders of Opening Ceremony, embraced core values of friendship and familiarity to bring a homelike feel to their collection’s Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear runway show. The idea of home, as well as community, led the designers to surround the runway with vegetables and other flora. These would later be donated to Edible Schoolyard NYC, a nonprofit working to implement gardens and cooking classes in public schools throughout New York. Further inspiration came from architect Frank Lloyd Wright, with Lim and Humberto adding architectural elements into the wearable collection. Familiar silhouettes including button up coats, tapered trousers, and knit dresses were exaggerated with oversized fringe and woven patterns as well as geometric necklines. Jumpsuits with deep, inverted, arch-like necklines and wide legs were among the most innovative looks. Textures varied from soft knits to shiny silks. Sandy colors prevailed, but yellow, orange, and navy added an earthy dimension to the black and khaki. Prided for its multinational reach, Eastern-inspired embroidery also showed up on some silk tops and tunics. African influence was clear from the batik textiles. This collection expressed the designers’ eclectic tastes, which have curated a laid-back yet luxe street style.



As Opening Ceremony has only existed for 13 years, it still has significant room for growth, but currently the brand’s aesthetic appeals to the college crowd because of its ability to combine playful and sophisticated elements. While the collection is not entirely consistent, individual looks avoid over-complication. The above look is composed yet relaxed, conveying the effortless, casual vibe that every street style dresser desires. The tied belt of the trousers pulls together the easy, free look of the sweater. In addition, the strappy heels add a dressy finishing touch. It is an ideal look for transitioning between seasons because of its capacity for layering. Add a khaki trench coat to keep the monochromatic color palette or substitute retro ankle boots for a different look from the heels. This ensemble is a blank canvas, ultimately leaving itself to the wearer’s interpretation.


High Fashion, College Wallet


Obtaining this look for a reasonable price is simple, as it is composed of basic pieces. H&M carries a neutral-colored pullover sweater for just $20. Pair this with khaki tapered leg pants with a tied belt, which are available for $16 from boohoo.com. At Macy’s, white strappy sandals are $44.25. For a little accessorizing, a red stone bracelet like the one on the runway goes for $17 from JC Penney. The pieces total to just under $100, which is definitely an improvement from the designer price tag. This single-color outfit is an easy way to look put together with minimal effort. The look is casual enough to be worn to class, yet can also pass as dressy for wearing to a meeting or work. That versatility is one of the prime features of Opening Ceremony, making looks like this one perfect for the modern college student running between classes and internships.

Sophie Fay Shaw is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.



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