How To Tuesday: Fashionable Boots Post-Blizzard

Major snowstorms often stop society in its tracks. Grocery stores empty out, travel bans and subway delays make it difficult to go anywhere, and the sheer amount of wind and snow traps many in their apartments. However, one of the biggest blizzard problems in New York arises in the aftermath, when plowing and revived traffic leads to snow mountains and deep slush puddles. This is especially troubling for fashionistas, as the cute, trendy boots of fall no longer suffice. While finding shoes that work for trudging through slush is a must, winter boots can keep in style.

Practicality is key during the worst days. Sticking to a traditional option eases the process of walking through street corners while slush is at its deepest, but does not inevitably lead to ugliness or boredom. Hunter boots are a durable classic, great for their ability to transition from rain to snow using boot socks. The brand carries varying colors and styles for women and men, making it possible to find an individually perfect pair. Due to the deep nature of slush puddles, a tall boot is best, with cozy-chic winter gear for a look ready to take on the snowy world.

Another classic shoe that can handle the weather is almost anything from Timberland. Many people wear this brand because their shoes offer a rugged, cool look that resembles their performance in the elements. Many styles are waterproof, and they come in an array of colors. Go with basic, versatile tan or pick a bolder shade like magenta or navy, lastly adding a flannel, warm scarf, and tough jacket.
Those who love leather boots surprisingly do not have to give them up. Several waterproof pairs exist, such as André Assous’ “Stagecoach” over-the-knee style. While this particular pair is normally expensive, it is on sale on Nordstrom’s website for $120 and a quick search leads to other, similarly priced or cheaper options. Pair these with skinny jeans and a long, polished coat for a classy, practical look. Others will admire your bravery as well as the boots’ ability to stay beautiful after a long, slushy walk to class.
Another popular style, the wedge, is possible to rock mid-winter. Many retailers and designers offer blizzard-ready versions, including Anne Klein, Light in the Box, and Report Shoes. Heel lovers can try suede, shearling, rubber, or leather styles. Shoe addicts willing to splurge may consider the Sorel line, which has a wide selection of high-fashion, wedged winter boots, most of which lace up and come in classic colors like brown or black. This durable yet trendy shoe could work well for a chilly night out when paired with a dress, tights, and a warm yet tailored jacket.
Nasty weather clearly does not require a sacrifice of fashionable footwear. With the above options, it is easy to create many looks that will survive a blizzard’s aftermath. NYU students and other city-dwellers alike may still have to go to school and work in non-ideal conditions, but they can find comfort in brands’ efforts to diversify a type of shoe often assumed to be bland and bulky.
Ali Webb is the Violet Vision Editor. Email her at

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