High Fashion, College Wallet Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2016

Incorporating equal parts fashion show and music video, Tom Ford’s online spring/summer 2016 show was destined for widespread consumption. The models quite literally dance down the runway to a buzzing Lady Gaga tune, “I Want Your Love” (feat. Nile Rodgers), emulating the 1970s TV show “Soul Train”. The music inflates Gaga’s presence on the runway to be larger than the models’. With well over a million YouTube views, Ford’s presentation is lively and interactive for its many viewers. Instead of the show being highly exclusive with a handpicked front row, all may experience its full effect as well as review it via comments. Fashion is a global industry, and Ford’s runway effectively uses this aspect to its advantage.

The clothing itself fits the setting perfectly. Full of sex appeal, movement, and a disco vibe, the ensembles express the lively spirit embodied in the music. The ‘70s influence is expressed through micro mini hemlines, metallic and shiny textiles, and abundant sequins. Flashing lights and showy clothes highlight the models’ cleavage and legs, providing an overall look characteristic of Ford. Black is the dominant color, but metallics, snakeskin, and jewel-toned sequins provide variation. Contrast remains a theme throughout the collection, with relaxed tops paired with fitted mini skirts and mini dresses with oversized coats. Slouchy, utilitarian pants are topped with mixed-media snakeskin and leather jackets or slinky satin tops. Many pieces are underwhelming, a mix of clubwear and streetwear, but when watching the collection set to motion and music it’s impossible not to enjoy them.


The above ensemble is one of the collection’s less-embellished looks, but its defining piece, a leather duster, adds significant attitude. The long coat’s proportions balance with the t-shirt mini-dress. Finished with white, pointed-toe heels for contrast, this look is basic and versatile, yet still holds an impact.

High Fashion, College Wallet


Comprised of three pieces, the outfit is simple to recreate on a student’s budget, with a similar ensemble possible for just over $100. An Urban Outfitters black t-shirt dress like the one above is only $30. The above trench coat includes a coating for a leather-like finish, and is $38.50 on gojane.com. Pointed toe heels with ankle straps have been popular in recent months, and this Asos Public pair is on sale for $38.50.

Because of this look’s simplicity, it can be tailored for various situations. Adding bold jewelry like cuff bracelets or a statement necklace could dress it up for a night out, and substituting white sneakers for heels transforms it into a casual daytime look. A transition into cooler weather is accomplished with over-the-knee boots for increased coverage. Style the look with accentuated eye makeup, like thick black liner to display attitude. Capture the glowing energy of the video’s dancing models using highlighter, creating a dewy shine. With these finishing touches, college fashionistas will successfully capture the lively 1970s aesthetic of Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Sophie Fay Shaw is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.




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