Fashion Gift Guide

It is commonly said that buying the perfect gift for the person who has everything is the hardest part of the holidays, but what about for the fashion lover? Style is incredibly personal and a creative process for every fashionista. Finding the right stylish gift can be just as difficult (if not harder). Weve compiled a list of budget friendly, functional and fashionable gift options for all of your sartorially savvy friends.


Nightly Wear

Keep your stylish friend fashionable even in their sleep. An inexpensive, yet universal gift  for everyone is a sleep mask. This is a gift that can be made stylish by the pattern chosen for the sleep accessory. JCrew offers a plaid sleep mask in red and blue for $19.50, while Sephora carries a Cap Nap Sleep Mask for $12.00 purrfect for the pink, Breakfast At Tiffanys loving copycat.



Trends come and go in a blink of an eye, so fashionista/os are always looking for inspiration as to what to wear next in terms of color, design, structure, etc. A guaranteed safe gift to keep them up with the times of fashion is a book from top industry influencers. Released in February 2015 was Mario Testinos Mario Testino: In Your Face, that illustrates all of his best photographs in fashion.



There are few items in fashion that are timeless. A little black dress, a pair of functional flats, a neutral pump, all these are staples that are not so basic basics to always have. To add to that list, one could never have too many shades of red lipstick. For the fashion lover, a gift of MAC’’s Brave Red Lipstick will be a win win. At just $17.00 the price is so low you can get two.



Creativity directly correlates to fashion. The style obsessed wake every day creating a persona and revealing their emotions through their outfit combination. Fashion is a form of expression, so what a better way to encourage that creativity than the gift of freedom of expression. Brooklyn Charm is a boutique where the customer designs his or her own pieces of jewelry. A gift card to the Williamsburg location is both gender neutral and pocket friendly, as you decide the price tag.



If Anna Wintour can wear shades 24/7 so can any fashion lover. For this holiday season, splurge on the ever so popular Dior So RealSunglasses worn by Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and more for $545. Or, for a budget friendly alternative Free People carries the Top Down Aviator sunglasses for $20.

Lauren Craddock is a Staff Writer. Email her at


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