The Don Draper Effect

Eight years since AMC’s Mad Men began,the show legacy’s continues to live on through Don Draper and his timeless style. In the early 2000s, prominent fashion figures were women, and spotlights were mostly female models in their fancy dresses. Over the last few years, the men’s fashion industry has grown exponentially. Male model and designers have become notable figures in the industry. Many would argue this is because of ‘the Don Draper effect.’

Don Draper, the preacher of men’s fashion, enlightened men on how to dress to kill. Whether he is at work, at home or out with friends Don Draper’s style was always on point. At work, Don Draper wore well fitted suits that emphasizes masculinity. Classic three buttoned blazer, wide ties, and monochromatic oxfords made him look dapper and professional. Cuff links and nicely folded handkerchiefs were the perfect accessories to complete his looks. Draper keeps it casual at a bar with flashy, unbuttoned shirts and vivid colored sports jackets. Even at home, he keeps it classy with his signature blue and white stripe pajamas.

No matter where he is or what he is doing, the one thing that never changes is his classic side parted hair. His hair is always parted and slicked back using pomade and comb. Also, note how he never skips shaving. Draper’s men’s grooming 101 teaches us that there is more to fashion than just clothes. Grooming is what truly completes your look and style.

Besides Don Draper of Mad Men, there are multiple other reasons behind the booming of men’s fashion. As a plethora of male celebrities grew their taste in fashion, many guys started to dress like them. Justin Bieber, for example, opened his eyes to the world of fashion after his debut as a singer. Recently, he has become a style icon. Bieber casually throws on Fear of God t-shirts and bombers and rocks Saint Laurent jeans with fancy sneakers when he goes skateboarding. From award shows to fashion events, he is can often be seen wearing pieces not yet released, such as Yeezy 350 boosts or exclusive Saint Laurent pieces.

From velvet sweat suits to cargo pants with oversized t-shirts, Kanye West is also establishing himself as a style icon. As soon as photos of Kanye’s classic outfits surfaced, men’s clothing stores such as ASOS and Opening Ceremony quickly stocked velvet sweats and oversized t-shirts. In collaboration with Adidas, Kanye released Yeezy Season 1 with the infamous Yeezy boost 950’s. Despite the high price range, they quickly sold out.
From Don Draper and Kanye West to the students of NYU , it cannot be denied that men are taking more interest in fashion than ever before.

Adryan Son is a contributing writer. Email him at


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