Ralph Lauren Flagship Store Launches Tech Innovation

This is truly the age of technology, and with this new age comes new innovations in almost every shape and form. One of these innovations is in fashion commerce. One of the biggest names in fashion, Ralph Lauren, has embraced new innovations of technology in collaboration with tech startup, Oak Labs. Oak Labs has created interactive mirrors for the dressing rooms of Polo Ralph Lauren. These interactive mirrors, eight of them in total, are located in the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store at 5th Avenue in New York.

Photo courtesy of Mallori Albright

There are four mirrors in the men’s dressing rooms and four mirrors in the women’s dressing rooms. Upon entry, the mirrors resemble any average mirror found in a dressing rooms but once you start trying clothes on, you see the difference. When an item of clothing is brought into one of the Polo Ralph Lauren dressing rooms, it is instantly registered by the mirror. If you need a different size or you want to see the item in a different color, all you have to do is press the selections and an associate will be along quickly to help you with your requests. You can also change the lighting that is stereotypically too harsh in the common dressing room. There are three choices for lighting, New York City daylight, nighttime, and Hamptons sunset. You can choose any of these lighting options for the perfect selfie opp.

IMG_6318 2
Writer Mallori Albright (right) with friend Alexis Hill (center) snap a selfie.

In addition to the lighting, you can customize the language used in your dressing room. For the shoppers who do not speak English, there are five other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, and Japanese allowing customers from all over the world a seamless shopping experience. Moreover, any responses from store associates to customer requests are automatically translated to the language that the shopper is using.

At the end of the day, both Polo Ralph Lauren and Oak Labs want customers to have the most satisfying shopping experience. So if you are not sure about purchasing an item, you can sync the item, its price, your size, and the color to your mobile phone for later.
Overall, the new interactive mirrors are definitely changing the shopping experience. A shopping trip is now more personalized and customers no longer have to awkwardly flag down a store associate for help. Unlike what many would think, sales associates are not obsolete with the addition of these mirrors. In fact, associates are even more necessary because of how personally customized the experience is. Customers need the person-to-person interaction that comes with the use of the mirrors or else the mirrors will not work at their full potential. Associates have to respond to customer requests. If anything, the new mirrors are at the crossroads of technological innovation and human interaction.

Mallori Albright is a Staff Writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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