How To Tuesday: How To Lazy Hair


Don’t get too caught up with styling your hair this winter as the wind, snow and rain are guaranteed to ruin your hair in a matter of seconds, even on a good hair day. Not to mention rolling out of bed to head straight to classes while battling the terrible weather—you don’t have that much time to spend with your hair in the morning. So for those with anything from long locks to medium manes to straight cuts and curly tresses, these quick and fun hairstyles will save you a lot of time and trouble.


Quick Curls

Tie your hair into a ponytail and section it into two or three parts, depending on how thick your hair is. Use a curling iron to curl upwards from the end of each section, and take off the elastic for a voluminously curly do or leave it on for a cheerleader’s ponytail look.

Twisted Crown

Twist small sections of hair from both sides of your head and secure them at the center back of your head with bobby pins. To add some detail to the center, make an overhand knot with both twisted sections before securing. You can also try varying this style with braids instead of twists, although it might take longer to finish.

Half Ponytail

Tie up the top half or third of your hair while letting the rest of your hair down. Another variation is to braid the half ponytail, or simply just tie it higher for a more cheerful look. This style is best suited for long and medium length hair, as it shows off your hair length while also keeping the top neat and simple. You can also try doing a half bun instead of a half ponytail if you’re feeling especially casual about your hair.


Apply a blow-dry balm on damp hair and blow-dry while running your hands through your hair. Do this from the roots down to the tip. Although blow-drying with hair products takes a lot of time, this style should take no more than three minutes and help you achieve the Drybar-esque blown-out hair minus the wait time.

Messy Bun

Tie your hair into a super high ponytail. Begin wrapping the ponytail around itself into a bun and tuck the end of the ponytail into the elastic. Use the last few wraps to hide the elastic and create a sleek, minimal style.

Summery Waves

Feeling reminiscent of the summer air? Braid damp hair after showering and blow-dry the braid. Remove the elastic when hair is still damp but almost dry, then tousle your hair and keep blow-drying until completely dry. This will help you achieve the salty beach waves frequently spotted on Venice Beach sunbathers and swimsuit models.

Minnie Ongsricharoenporn is a Staff Writer. Email her at

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