The Best NYC Holiday Fashion Pop Up Shops

With the unpredictability of the financial success and the ever-increasing prices of rent, fashion newcomers have found a cheaper and more exciting way to get their feet in the door of the fashion world. These newcomers have turned to pop up shops. Pop up shops are cost effective ways for new designers to develop a fan base and social media exposure. These types of shops are even more popular during the holiday season. Designers and sellers tend to offer special discounts and exclusive holiday items that they normally do not have year-round. To help you with the quest of finding fashion pop up shops throughout New York City, Violet Vision has compiled a list of shops to follow.

Don’t Ask Why

The Don’t Ask Why pop up shop, currently located in Soho, features fashionable loungewear. Mixing the styles of New York and L.A., Don’t Ask Why is changing the game of what is usually sold in a pop up. Gone is the high fashion, and in its place is affordable clothing for everyday. Follow the Don’t Ask Why pop up shop on Instagram with @dontaskwhyny.


The Vintage Twin

Twin sisters Morgan and Samantha Elias founded The Vintage Twin about five years ago when they were college students and turned a hobby into a successful business. The twins specialize in reworking vintage items from the 1960s to the 1990s, and they even have a Jeanius Bar where they can rework any pair of jeans just for you out of the hundreds of pairs they have in stock. Follow The Vintage Twin pop up shop on Twitter and Instagram with @TheVintageTwin.






Don’t miss out on Cuyana’s holiday pop up shop that will be up until December 24th. This year the shop is located at 120 Wooster Street and is full of great gifts and accessories. Cuyana is also customizing any pieces that you purchase and adding small touches to anything that you plan to give gift. Follow the Cuyana pop up shop on Twitter and Instagram with @Cuyana.


Herschel Supply Co.

Beloved Herschel Supply Co. has set up a holiday pop up shop at 125 Orchard Street. Alongside their classic bags will be other accessories and headwear for the winter season. The Herschel pop up shop will also feature artwork and a limited edition magazine. Luckily enough for all NYU students, Herschel’s pop up shop is open now through the end of January, so you can do some shopping now or when you get back to school after Winter Break.


Mimu Maxi

For the shopper who wants a different experience and doesn’t mind a quick subway ride to Brooklyn, Mimu Maxi the pop up shop for you. Specializing in modest clothing, Mimu Maxi has a huge fan base of women from all walks of life and their current collection reflects just that. Mimu Maxi has pop up shops every few weeks, so just follow them on Twitter and Instagram with @MimuMaxi and they’ll let you know when to show up!


Mallori Albright is a contributing writer. Email her at

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