Fashion apps: The Epitome of 21st Century’s Laziness and Loss of Creativity

Regardless of your gender and age, I am sure you have asked yourself in the morning what you want to wear at least once. Little did you know, you had the same collection of clothes for quite a while, and your choices were limited. This kind of first world problem sometimes makes you open your wallet. Instead of lifting yourself up from your bed and getting outside to go shopping, you decide to go on your phone, click on a fashion app, and buy some pieces from limited collections that have been selected by a non-organic substance.

After your orders go through, you are excited to try on your new clothes and Instagram your new looks. But crap, your clothes don’t fit as well as you thought it would. Or let’s say the clothes do fit you well. As soon as you walk out the door, you see tens of people on the street with the same style. This is the consequence of the loss of creativity and laziness. Is this what you wanted

Two of the hottest fashion apps right now are Covet and Alexa Chung’s Villoid. Basically, they are fictional closet apps that allow you to store clothes like a wish list and follow others’ styles or closets. They claim to have a plethora of brands and wide selection of clothes, but there is an end to an app. According to Elle UK, Alexa Chung’s Villoid will “change the way you get dressed forever.”

Other than the fact that these apps can go on your phones and be checked at all times, what difference does it have from the online shopping stores and bookmark apps on your browsers? Unless you and your phone are inseparable or you like to stare at it till your eyeballs dry out, using fashion apps is not worth it. If you are too busy to go shopping or fashion is just another hobby, feel free to use these apps. But if you are genuinely interested in fashion and want to elevate your style and taste, it’s not worth it.

Instead of sticking to your favorite brands and style on your apps, you can discover new brands and explore new styles. Read magazines, check out new arrivals sections of different online stores that will have a much wider selection, and leave your house to hit the streets or physical stores. Look at the clothes in person, try them on, and feel the quality of the fabrics. Dare to try something new.

This doesn’t just apply to fashion. There are a plethora of apps out there that let you sit at home and order things such as food and gadgets. Try to beat your laziness, go out, and explore. You never know what’s waiting for you out there until you put yourself out there.

Adryan Son is a contributing writer. Email him at

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