How To Tuesday: How To Denim

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Denim on denim looks are perfect for the colder weather. It goes hand in hand with layering and who doesn’t love that? Overalls, jean jackets and denim shirts, there is an option for every article of clothing and for every occasion. Check out below for how to achieve the perfect denim on denim look for this upcoming season.

  1. Overalls → These aren’t just reserved for farmers anymore. With combat boots and a flannel, layer some overalls over a denim shirt. Don’t just rock the classic blue tone. White overalls are a great way to incorporate denim, but also layer with other denim pieces. A general rule is different washes are a good way to mix denim pieces.
  2. Jean Jackets → Layering is important, especially for the colder temperatures. Jean jackets allow you to slip some denim detail, while have the ability to layer and incorporate other fabrics too. And yes, you can wear a jean jacket with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. As stated before make sure you pick different washes. Don’t be afraid to mingle the dark wash with the distressed wash. For mixing jackets with pants, make sure to wear opposing fits. If you have a boyfriend styled jacket, go with skinny jeans. If you have a cropped, more fitting jacket, go for those distressed boyfriend jeans.
  3. Denim Shirts → A classic piece everyone should have in their closet. A good way to incorporate these is to layer a basic sweater over top, showing the hem and collar. Paired with jeans or tucked underneath overalls, it goes with the denim on denim trend without being too saturated.
  4. Jeans → Need I say more? Experiment with different cuts. Sure, everyone loves the skinnies and the boyfriends, but what about flares or bootcut? Keep in mind to mix different washes, but also remember to be aware of fits. Wearing a loose, denim blouse would work well with a tighter fit, while the opposite would be true for a fitting blouse.

Emily Harris is a Staff Writer. Email her at

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