Why the West Coast is Not the Best Coast for Fashion

In thinking of Los Angeles, palm trees, celebrities, In-n-Out and Hollywood come to mind. This pacific coast city has made a name for itself as a top destination due to its ideal year round weather and slew of celebrity sight seeing. Drive down Rodeo Drive to find Chanel, Dior and Cartier lined up, watch concert goers and bar hoppers fill the street on Sunset or pass by a Kardashian on the way to the beach, Los Angeles certainly has made a reputation as the fantasy land of Hollywoods and the Entertainment Capital of The World. Yet regardless of the fact that LA is called home by several designers, Gigi Hadid and renowned stylist Rachel Zoe, the city is still struggling to be recognized as a major fashion hub.

Recently Los Angeles had their fashion week, although it received little to no recognition. On the flip side, New Yorks fashion week is recognized globally as one of the biggest weeks in fashion. New York is considered the Fashion Capitol of the World, next to cities like Paris, London and Milan which have grown as major fashion influencers. So what is the reason behind LA being left out in this list of fashion capitols? Two come to mind, the easy-breezy lifestyle of Los Angelenos and the title LA obtains as an Entertainment capitol.

It is no secret that Los Angeles stays consistently sunny and 70 degrees. Having a summer season for 365 days does not leave room for Angelenos to experiment with coats, scarves, gloves or any winter accessories. While October in New York means light coats, tights and sweaters, October in LA is hot and dry, where jean shorts and a t-shirt are acceptable. The month may say wear boots, but Cali weather begs to differ.

The style of Angelenos is quite simplistic: t-shirts, sundresses, tanks, shorts and skirts. Street style is extremely minimal. Therefore, the lack of interest in style, tailoring, accented colors or accessories and keeping with runway trends translates to LA Fashion week being irrelevant as it has little effect on the clothing industry for the city. The culture of LA doesnt see fashion as valuable to the culture as it does to the city of New York.

Los Angeles since the 1920s has been a hub for all things Entertainment industry. With movie studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a number of actors that rises exponentially every day, the city is the place to be to break into the movie industry, not fashion. Unfortunately so, the city cant have the best of both worlds and be a capitol of two major industries. In general, pattern shows fashion capitals around the world have constantly been singular cities from each respective country.

If Los Angeles became a fashion capital it would be in constant competition with New York, which has already established itself for fashion. This is true for most cities attempting to be fashion capitols; the competition is too fierce for anyone new to develop.
As a Los Angeleno myself, I wouldnt want LA to be known as a fashion capital. The culture of LA holds a Californian style in dress. Changing this style would take away from what makes LA, LA.

Lauren Craddock is a Staff Writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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