High Fashion, College Wallet Alexander Wang S/S 2016

Alexander Wang’s elevated street-style aesthetic stays true throughout his collections. The downtown vibe his clothing exudes is sophisticated, yet leaves plenty of room for youthful embellishments like studs and fringe. Linear silhouettes and details create modern and cohesive connections in his collections. Wang has also mastered presenting black and white classic pieces, like leather pants or the plain white tee, in fresh ways each season. The Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection stays true to his trademarks offering various separates that demand to hit the streets.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.50.38 PM

This look features trendy takes on essential wardrobe pieces: the leather jacket, a white top, and black sandals. It may make sense to spend more on the classic versions of these key garments, but for trends that will be gone by next season opt for more affordable alternatives. The mix of textures in this look are what make it so intriguing. The burgundy leather jacket paired with an exaggerated fishnet top gives the look an air of sportiness, while the faux leather striped pants keep the ensemble looking sleek. The studded flatform sandals and petite purse add a grunge attitude, along with a chain link bracelet and earrings. The great thing about this look is that you can mix and match any of the separates with clothing already in your wardrobe to add some edge.


To get this look for less, search for a faux leather jacket which will be budget-friendly. Either a bomber style, like this $30 one from lollicouture.com, or a biker style, such as this $68 option from gojane.com, will work with the ensemble. Pick a silhouette that suits your style, so you can get the most use out of it. The sheer mesh top from missguidedus.com is $25, and makes a sporty layering piece. Pair the bottom half of the look with simple faux leather tuxedo stripe pants like this Bisou Bisou $20 pair. Keep the outfit grounded with some black flatform sandals. These Asos brand ones are extremely versatile, and only $51.

Accessorize with a coordinating pair of chain earrings and a chain link bracelet. Online shops often have a wider variety of affordable jewelry than in stores. The sterling silver earrings above are $16 from Asos, and the Nine West stretch bracelet is $18 from belk.com. Finish the outfit with a suede powder-blue clutch, like this crocodile embossed option from Asos, and you are set.
This Alexander Wang inspired look is a great option for roaming around the city or even just going to class. The key elements to take away from this specific look, and Wang’s S/S 2016 ready-to-wear collection as a whole, are the textural details and their ability to be mixed and matched. Wang’s proclivity for balancing hard and soft elements prevents his looks from becoming overwhelming. That is one reason why Wang’s clothing has become a staple for upscale urban wardrobes. Like the women on the streets he designs for, his collections are always moving forward.

Sophie Fay Shaw is a contributing writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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