How To Tuesday: How To Wear the Maxi & Midi Sweater Dress

Each fall, multiple trends provide new ways to dress for cooler weather while staying fashionable. This year two particular standouts are the maxi and midi sweater dresses. These combine autumn’s staple of a warm sweater with the longer-length skirts that have dominated in recent runway collections and in street style. The trend’s concept is familiar yet fresh, making it fitting for fashion gurus as well as women who simply want a new staple piece. Girls of varying heights can definitely make either look work if they accessorize it correctly.

Midi dresses look great on everyone, as they compliment tall figures and also help shorter girls to rock the longer-length trend without it being overpowering. For more petite girls, white sneakers with a cropped leather or jean jacket can create a flattering, effortlessly cool look. Taller women can pair this dress style with cute flats and a big floppy hat in order to stay fashionable during the transition into cooler weather.

Ladies of any height can also look fantastic in maxi sweater dresses. In fact, countless women have been rocking normal maxi dresses amazingly for the past few springs and summers, leading to this length being one many are comfortable with trying. Shorter girls should pair this piece with heeled booties to both emphasize fall style and elongate their figures. For tall girls, combat boots and a wide belt can really pull the outfit together.
It is definitely worth noting that these pairings are only suggestions and anyone should ultimately accessorize this trend in whatever way makes them feel most beautiful. For girls who want to put together their own outfit but still want tips, picking neutral colors is a good place to start. Items that help to keep warm, such as boots, scarves, jackets, or hats, are also fantastic options that provide both function and style. No matter how you accessorize your dress, confidence and personal style are key, Everyone can bring the maxi/midi sweater dress trend to its full potential this fall with a combination of knowledgeable fashion sense and personal style.

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