High Fashion, College Wallet Phillip Lim S/S 2016

Phillip Lim embodies the effortlessly-coolaesthetic with a subtle hint of edginess encapsulates his designs. His collections infuse a level of sophistication and elegance into a more casual and street-style vibe. Lim is always sure to feature classic pieces with an air of youthfulness and a slight twist. This is evidently expressed in his company, 3.1 Phillip Lim and in this featured outfit below, taken from his most recent Spring/Summer 2016 Womens Collection.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 6.46.17 PM

In this look, Lim beautifully plays up a monochromatic look that encourages both the wearer and the viewer to appreciate the littlest details. This dark navy dress boasts a billowing and flowing cut while remaining feminine through its cutouts seen at the waist, the hemline, and the rounded neckline.


Try this college-budget-friendly dress with a similar waist-cut out by ASOS for only $70. This dress gives a more casual option for the typical student, with a shorter hemline but still denim-like color and rounded neckline. However, if the loose, flowing silhouette is preferred, try this other dress from ASOS for only $73, still playing with the denim look and dark-blue shades.

Lims trench coats almost always have a minimum price point of a thousand dollars, so this beautiful mid-blue trench coat from Zara serves as an affordable alternative at $100.  This coat has a similar flowing design with a draping style and gives a nod to the monochromatic scheme that Lims outfit plays out. Its incorporation of different layerings, strappy belt loops, and loose lapel collar keep the coat on the interesting end of a standard, oversized trench-coat. With this Zara piece, the similarity to Lims more attentive twists to classic street-style does not go unnoticed.

Lims choice of a peep-toe, cream colored sandal brings a soft dose of color to break up the different hues to the lower portion of the look. These leather sandals from H&M have the same strappy style, a covered shoe with an open toe, at only $60. This creamy, powder beige color will bring the same delicate highlight to your outfit.

Phillip Lims designs are a street-style dream with his casual yet chic pieces. Though they may be in the pricier range, his looks are easy to reconstruct through different, more affordable outlets, and serve as a great inspiration for any college student looking to pull off a new look for class or for a weekend out in the city.

Tiffany Hwang is a Staff Writer. Email her at violet vision@nyunews.com.

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