Layering for Men

Putting on a Canada Goose or Moncler puffer jacket over a t-shirt will still keep you warm, but where’s the fun in that. Would you rather keep your puffer jacket zipped up all the way, because you don’t want the winter wind cutting right through your t-shirt or have layers of clothes that will both keep you warm and fashionable? As guys are becoming more aware of fashion and its latest trends, layering is becoming an essential part of everyday fashion. For the beginner and for the seasoned, here are some Layering Do’s and Don’ts for Men.


Do stay warm

The first and foremost purpose of layering is to stay warm. You can’t expect to stay warm by putting on four tank tops or t-shirts underneath your jacket. It will just make you look bulky. Thin layers of cotton will do the job for the fall, but they stand no chance against the winter wind. Make sure to get some Heattech gears from Uniqlo or try wearing something warmer than t-shirts such as sweaters, sweatshirts and turtlenecks.

Do wear more than one jacket

Many guys think that wearing a jacket over a jacket is a fashion faux pas but that is not the case; there are many ways to look fashionable with more than one jacket. Try putting on a coat over a denim jacket and button up shirt. It is a very classy, urban look that any guy can pull off. If you like wearing a suit (to all the NYU Sternies), you can put on a coat or a puffer jacket over your blazer. However, make sure to take into consideration the color coordination and not going overboard with your puffer jacket. And make sure your inner jacket is slimmer than your outer jacket.

Don’t wear too many layers

You do not want to look like a human baklava so while wearing 10 layers of clothes will definitely keep you warm enough to climb Mount Everest, it will not be necessary for the trek to class on Broadway. If you are wearing a jacket, it is better to have no more than three layers. One or two shirts or thermals underneath a nice, warm sweater or sweatshirt will keep you warm enough through the winter.

Don’t feel obligated to show off all your layers

Finally, the aesthetic of layering is minimalist and practical. if you have too many layers coming out of your outermost layer, they will flutter in the wind. If you think you would outshine a bride with your flowing layers, do less. Also, be sure to keep your colors in the same scheme.
If you had no idea how to layer, I hope you feel enlightened after this short How to Layer session. Go look at your wardrobe right now, starting trying some clothes on, and be excited to look good this season.

Adryan Son is a contributing writer. Email him at

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