High Fashion, College Wallet Longchamp Spring Summer 2016


Longchamp is a French company that was founded in Paris by Jean Cassegrain. The company has made its mark in elegant leather goods and have a multi-generational consumer.  Their bags are very popular, especially among college students due to their durability and similarly attract the busy fashionistas throughout fashion week.

Trench coats are great options for the rainy New York weather and they allow you to create an effortless ensemble. In the Spring Summer 2016 show, Longchamp utilized this classic structured coat featuring an array of neutral pastel colors. With two horizontal white stripes, black pocket dealing and an overall beige color, this trench coat is to die for. And the price tag will make you want to die. Some could argue that spending more money on classic, staple items such as this one makes sense. However, there are a ton of low-cost options for students to get trenched up next semester, without leaving a huge dent in your wallet.


The first low-cost option for creating Longchamp’s new collection is from Forever21 ($52). Letting go of the horizontal stripes, this trench has the durable material equipped with rain. With a tie front option, this is the perfect trench coat to throw on while rushing to class or your internship. It screams casual while adding a sense of elegance to one’s wardrobe. Keeping the color neutral like Longchamp did makes it even that much easier to pair with different pieces you already have in your closet. Create a minimalistic look with an all-white look or go for some pop of color and wear a statement colored denim.

If you prefer a shorter length try this shorter trench coat from Nordstrom. While Longchamp remained traditional in their color pallette, play it up with a colorful plaid shirt and your favorite pair of black jeans. Trench coats are a versatile piece that can either be dressed up or down while remaining chic.. With fall approaching, you need the perfect compliment to your favorite plaid shirt, and a trench coat is definitely just that.

Finally, a little leather never hurt anyone especially on a trench coat. This Ralph Lauren trench ($84) is the perfect combination of grunge and elegance. It’’s classic structure, tie waist and faux leather trim combine the best aesthetics of both styles. While a trench is a good wardrobe classic, even Longchamp embellished with stripes and color-blocking detailing. You can still pair this with a casual dress and flats but you can also incorporate and play around with the leather detailing. Maybe feel daring and slip on some leather pants or killer booties. However, if you want to really recreate Longchamp’s vibe- keep it simple. Wear neutrals and flats or sandals and trust me, you could have been walking down that runway

Emily Harris is a Staff Writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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