Street Style or Street Styled?

When I walk through the streets of Soho, I feel like I am walking through a herd of soldiers in a uniform. Individuality and creativity seem to come second while being on trend has taken precedent.  It is pleasing to see that fashion is becoming a big part of people’s everyday lives, but it is also tragic to witness how fashion is being abused to steal spotlights.


Everytime I check my explore posts page on my Instagram, I see tens and hundreds of people using the hashtag #ootd for their posts. I choose one picture with an exceptional style and click on the hashtag. What follows after is a pure disappointment. It appears that ‘exceptional’ style is just everyone’s style. Many people copy trending street styles down to the last article of clothing and get ready to be photographed. There is no originality or candidness.


People these days look as if they have just walked out of Barney’s with every designer brand mentioned in the song Big Spender and Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky. Yes, putting on hyped clothes and rocking a street style that not a lot of people can afford or pull off will get you some attention. Possibly even make you Insta famous, but I hope emptying your bank account to look like everyone else is worth it.

There are people out there who have been wearing brands like Givenchy, Bape, and Raf Simons for a long time, people who understand the aesthetics of those brands. However, since people started to merely follow a style of the streets for attention the true fashionistas have lost their place in the fashion world. Who heard of Bape before Pharrell Williams started rocking it? Who have even seen Raf Simons’ pieces before A$AP Rocky? Who knew that Kanye West was wearing Givenchy during Watch the Throne tour until he mentioned it during an interview?


I vaguely remember the last time I saw a girl not wearing Adidas Stan Smiths or Superstars, wide brim fedoras to cover up bed hair, oversized coats for the reason only God knows, and boyfriend jeans that you stole from your ex boyfriend. Regardless of who you are, those items generally tend to look good on everyone. But would you rather look like everyone else or yourself? Creating your own style is about wearing what suits you and expressing yourself. Never be afraid of what others might think of you.
Nowadays, following a street style has almost become a requirement to join the cult of fashionistas. But why are we trying so hard and feeling obligated to be recognized. You do not need to be photographed or recognized. Fashion and style are not about pleasing others’ eyes. It is all about being yourself and feeling confident about what you are wearing.

Adryan Son is a contributing writer. Email him at violet

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