Vogues: A Compare and Contrast Opinion Piece

From the avid fashion follower to the trendy communications student, Vogue is a central part to every kind of a fashion industry insider’s life. The often coveted magazine is one of the top reigning fashion magazines in the publication dynasty throughout the country. Yet, internationally speaking, Vogue has taken over 19 different countries setting the standard for fashion and whos who throughout the world. The most renowned of the Vogues seem to be, Paris, UK and USA, each paving the way for fashion lovers in their own respect.

Vogue UK, the publication from across the pond, is incredibly invested in their readership, doing so by staying connected through social media. Having come the farthest at an online standpoint, Vogue UK lets readers deep inside the fashion and pop-culture world through fun tutorials, mini-documentaries, celebrity cameos and tips on entering the industry. Recently, Vogue UK partnered with Alexa Chung in a six episode Future of Fashion Youtube series including interviews and tours of the daily lives of fashion officials.

American Vogue is known nationally and globally for it’s infamous editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.  Wintour’s reputation has come to be known as introverted and disconnected to even her own staff. Which, could explain why American Vogue is a more guarded outlet when it comes to sharing the inner workings of the publication. American Vogue sticks strictly to fashion on a social media standpoint, i.e. runway shows, beauty tips and tricks and their ever so popular 73 questions with various celebrities online. With a small grab on social media, American Vogue has made its distinction through its daring cover choices, and brand endorsements since Wintours takeover in 1988. The publication tends to occasionally stray away from fashion, and decipher the top of the pop culture world. Covers featuring Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West, or their June 2012 Health Issue with three Olympic athletes, made controversy for not sticking to the typical model-wearing-designer cover. American Vogue effortlessly balances it’s hip appeal due to the heavily celebrity influenced obsessions of American society with it’s brand as a fashion publication.

Lastly, comes the ultimate high fashion publication, Vogue Paris. It is to no surprise that the French were able to keep Vogue about high fashion in an artistic light, given that Parisian fashion has its own reputation of being simple yet distinctive, allowing for surroundings to be an artistic focal point. No matter what the issue, Vogue Paris can guarantee a super model in avant garde style in a photographic situation the everyday girl can never find herself in.  Much of this can be accredited to Carine Roitfeld, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris from 2001 to 2011. Roitfeld left the publication and began pursuing her own fashion magazine as founder and editor-in-chief, CR Fashion Book. Covers of the publication continue to be out of the ordinary in every sense, maintaining Roitfeld’s legacy. Vogue Parisdedication to high fashion and artistic covers makes them the fashion veteran of the trio.
Regardless of which version of Vogue you prefer, each publication has it’s own unique voice while collectively reigning under the fashion deity that has come to be synonymous with VOGUE.

Lauren Craddock is a Staff Writer. Email her at violet vision@nyunews.com.

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