Burberry Meets Snapchat


This year, Burberry broke the barriers between the general public and the traditionally exclusive fashion shows. The legendary British house did so by giving the public an inside look at their Spring/Summer 2016 show in London via Snapchat.


The company had a live stream on the social media platform documenting the day’s events. It showcased the upcoming line of clothing and accessories with a particular focus on the brand’s most renowned item, the trench coat. They also featured short makeup tutorials, celebrity arrivals, backstage interviews with models, and the venue itself complete with live music. This gave viewers a look at the overall process of putting together a show that one would typically only get by working in the industry.


One of the key, more detailed features of the Snapchat story was that it showcased professional makeup artists prepping the models for the runway show while simultaneously demonstrating the specific techniques and Burberry beauty products used to achieve each look. The main beauty looks were contoured cheekbones, an “Oxblood” lip and “Optic White” nails. This was a fantastic way of allowing beauty fans to really absorb all of these expert tips that they couldn’t get anywhere else and put them to use in their own lives.


Cristina Planas, Art Director for Beauty at Burberry, reflects on the use of this form of social media: “It was funny, because we put so much energy and [so many] resources into our Snapchat story, all with the knowledge that the content would disappear after 24 hours. It was a little bit bittersweet, but ultimately we knew that this was a first in terms of a luxury brand partnering with a social media platform, and we understood the type of reach that Snapchat has with young people.”

The Snapchat story captured the essence of the day from backstage to on the runway, transporting viewers and giving them a virtual all-access passes to the show. It gives an unedited, raw feel for the atmosphere of the day, because, as Planas explains, “Everything had to be shot live and on a really tight schedule.”

This sneak-peek into the day can provide inspiration, give people a better idea of how fashion shows work, or spark viewers’ interest in working in the field. Social media is a vital method of providing accessibility to large groups of people, and Burberry did so on a huge scale. “Some of our snaps got over 3 million views!” says Planas.

All in all, Burberry truly excelled in pairing fashion with technology. Through their utilization of Snapchat, way, anyone with a phone gained  insider access to an event that is typically invitation-only. The company made it possible for the masses to learn its beauty tricks and gain fashion inspiration in a fast-paced and varied way simply by using the app. As always, the house has amazed us all and is definitely a step ahead of the technology game.

Haley Crawford is a contributing writer. Email her at violet vision@nyunews.com.

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