How To Take the Runway to the Streets

After watching your favorite models strut down the runway in Versace, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg and many other high-profile brands, you may get a strand of what I like to call F.O.D.B (Fear of Dressing Badly). Well, fear no more! Here at Violet Vision for the first time ever we have combine our High Fashion, College Wallet and How To Tuesday into one pos. We have transformed four of our favorite runway trends into outfits that won’t eradicate your bank account.  

For our first look we chose to recreate a Diane von Furstenberg ensemble. Her runway looks did not shy away from color or style so neither did we. This Forever 21 dress perfectly mixes the floral patterns and bright colors that DVF incorporated throughout her show. This look is perfect for a lunch with friends or a morning coffee date .

For a night time look, this simple, yet modern, Vera Wang get-up is perfect. We recreated her opening ensemble using a Wet Seal bandeau, American Apparel shorts, a Forever 21 leather jacket, and Zara booties. This all-black look embodies the same aesthetics as Vera Wang’s outfit for a stylized, sophisticated night-out look.

Next, we decided to give two-pieces a try. We’ve seen this look make its appearance for a couple of months now, but something about the Alice and Olivia patterned, floral set made caught our eye. We found a great two-piece set at Zara that perfectly mimicks the feminine yet straight-edge look that Alice and Olivia created. Matched with some espadrilles, this outfit is a perfect 10 for any daytime rendezvous.

Lastly, we took a chance on recreating Versace, and the result was amazing. We love the patchwork skirt and found a steal at Zaras (no surprise there). For the upper body, we paired a Brandy Melville maroon crop top and an H&M black trench coat to tie in the patchwork colors of the skirt. Even though this is traditionally a spring look, we think this is an outfit fit for all seasons and any occasion.
So there you have it, a trendy closet is possible—even on a college budget.

Tatiana Perez is a contributing writer. Email her at

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