Diane von Furstenburg Continues to Redefine Reality Television

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.50.03 PM
Screengrab: House of DVF, season two, episode one

World-renowned designer and fashion revolutionary Diane von Furstenberg has returned with her hit reality show, “House of DVF” on E! this past Sunday. The focus of the show is to find a DVF global brand ambassador who will not only be a representative for the brand, but will be responsible for hosting events and managing boutiques around the world.

With the first season of “House of DVF,” Furstenberg found her global brand ambassador in Brittany Hampton, a show runner from the beginning of the first season. Hampton has quickly gone on to opening DVF boutiques across Asia, styling shows, and of course attending the different fashion weeks in honor of her superior, Furstenberg.

Hampton appears to have learned enough through her brief time as global brand ambassador, because in the first episode of season two, she has been tasked with finding the next group of young women, one of which will become the second global brand ambassador for the DVF fashion brand. Along with Hampton, show veterans DVF Style Editor Jessica Joffe and DVF Creative Brand Director Stefani Greenfield, are searching for candidates on both the east and west coasts. The bicoastal search includes intensive interviews, as well as important tasks for the final candidates so they can prove themselves to Furstenberg and fashion higher-ups.

The east coast task of the episode featured the Diane von Furstenberg show at New York Fashion Week where the candidates had all-access passes for the show to display how DVF as a brand was inspiration to them. The activity was a success for most of the east coasters with the season finalists being Chantal Trujillo, Maytee Martinez, and Cat Wennekamp.

The west coast task of the episode featured celebrity stylist, designer and editor Rachel Zoe. Zoe was in need of looks for a number of Oscar parties, and the girls were given the opportunity to pick looks for her. Through the successes and failures of styling Rachel Zoe, Furstenberg was able to select the last four finalists, Alli Davis, Cree Nixon, Hanna Beth Merjos, and Leigh Fidler.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.53.59 PM
Screengrab: House of DVF, season two, episode one

While there are tasks at hand, Furstenburg makes sure to emphasize the show is not a competition and the candidates are not contestants. “The whole reason for [Diane von Furstenberg] doing the docuseries is because she wanted to be able to hear what the millennials had to say and incorporate it into her own company,” Brittany Hampton told Fashionista.com.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.51.07 PM
Screengrab: House of DVF, season two, episode one

Furstenberg is embracing a 21st-century method of publicity through millennials. DVF, a brand consistently popular throughout the late 20th century is revamping itself with reality television in order to reach the new generation of viewers and potential customers. While everyone’s mother may already love the wrap dress, the dress is an essential for every woman at any age. Thus, House of DVF is a genius way to market a classic fashion staple to the generation that is changing the world. By employing millennials as global brand ambassadors, Furstenberg and the DVF brand are showing that they are constantly evolving themselves.

Furstenberg and the DVF brand have even taken to social media. In addition to television, Furstenberg is broadcasting her brand and her amazing team of millennial representatives through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to reach new audiences. The brand has embraced the media of the millennials in a strategy to refresh itself.

Despite the fact that the show is a part of reality television, Diane von Furstenberg really is trying to do something remarkable with the creation of the global brand ambassador position. Furstenberg wants to empower a new generation of young women by exposing them to her fashion world and the education that it provides. The show is Furstenberg’s way of giving back to a community that she has led for decades; she wants to once again change the world of women just as she did in 1974.

Mallori Albright is a contributing writer. Email her at violet vision@nyunews.com.


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