The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung

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It was announced mid-July 2015 that Alexa Chung would be adding a new title to her lengthy resume come the fall: Fashion Investigative Journalist. Chung is partnering with British Vogue and Youtube to create a 6-part docu-series “investigating the state of fashion today from the inside.” Chung will be digging for answers about what the future holds for fashion by talking to people from nearly all disciplines in the industry: journalists, buyers, students, designers, etc. Ultimately, she wants to reveal all aspects of modern-day fashion and shed light on an industry that is often misunderstood.

Along with the announcement of the docu-series, a couple of trailers were released with Chung talking about the public’s perception of fashion and how it is seen as an industry with “connotations of vanity and indulgence” and is often “dumbed-down.” She disagrees with this, having been involved in the industry since the age of 15, and sees this docu-series as an opportunity to show the public an “accurate representation of fashion today.” Clips of her sitting and talking with major names in fashion are shown as she explains in a voice-over that she strives to answer any questions or comments that watchers of the series have about the illustrious industry.

The first episode, which premiered September 15th, opens with Chung reiterating the modern-day perception of fashion. “This series is an attempt to address these negative stereotypes; a mission to uncover the true depth of the industry and the huge variety of roles that go towards sending clothes down the catwalk season after season.” To start off, she travels to the headquarters of the diligent British Fashion Council. She interviews Sarah Mower, Ambassador for Emerging Talent at the BFC, and also the chair of the New Gen committee, which is responsible for supporting new designers with grants, mentorship, and business advice. The two discuss careers in fashion and why there seems to be a reluctance in today’s youth to delve into the industry.

Chung then visits Christopher Kane, who has been accredited as the “contemporary King of British Fashion.” She asks Kane a similar question about how one exactly breaks into an industry that seems so elusive. She lists the common misconceptions about people who successfully break into the industry: privilege, money, and attendance at a prestigious college or university. Kane tells her that one does not need any of those things; they simply need an education in fashion, which can be attained through hands-on training. He cites the unpaid internships he completed in his youth as his hands-on training and fashion education.

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The series is exclusively on British Vogue’s Youtube channel. The next episode will air on September 22nd, where Chung will be talking to fashion students of Central Saint Martins and designer Molly Goddard. This docu-series will provide helpful insight for anyone working towards a fashion career and is bound to be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the inner-workings of the industry.

Kaitlyn McNab is a contributing writer. Email her at violet

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