Chanel e-commerce launch updates brand while remaining exclusive

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Chanel has officially announced plans to embrace the age of the internet, and debut into e-commerce. After years of refusing to move from exclusively in-store sales with the exception of their beauty products, Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president of global fashion, announced earlier this month that it will launch online as early as September of 2015. In the meantime,  the house launched a test run on April 15 through with their Coco Crush line.

Previously, Pavlovsky expressed Chanel’s disinterest with online expansion, as it would make the brand too widely available. To keep the house exclusive, which in turn keeps their popularity and price value high, Chanel was determined solely sell product in their limited number of stores.

In addition, the brand did not believe in nixing the in store experience for their customers.  “Fashion is about clothing, and clothing you need to see, to feel, to understand,” said Pavlovsky to Bloomberg Business on January 28, 2013 .

Chanel has proven to have increased control on availability by having a select inventory on the online front, keeping their exclusivity in tact despite the online expansion. Another major benefit of going online is supplying for a demand that can be greater calculated. Online shops allow companies to gage what items a majority of their customers are buying and what their customers  greatest demand are. This means less wasted material, which therefore leads to less wasted funding. Furthermore, Chanel now allows its customers the convenience of clicking to purchase, which will yield revenue faster.

Since Coco Crush’s launch, the small jewelry collection, which debuted as one of the first digital pop-up shops, has sold out. With limited inventory, the collection consisted of a cuff both in 18-karat white gold and yellow gold, and five rings.

The brand made its best effort to bring a complete shopping experience to Net-a-Porter. The collection allowed for 360-degree photography viewing, zoom capabilities and other high tech features already featured on the site, allowing customers to examine the product online as closely as you would in person.

If we spend our days reading news from Twitter, document our every move, likes and dislikes and keep up with all things culture through the internet, it is only the smart business move to move our shopping experience online too.

If Chanel plans to be around for years to come, not only must the brand do everything in its power to keep the brand thriving in our tech-savvy world. Almost all brands and items can be bought online, and soon  Chanel will be one of them.

With Coco Crush being sold out, Chanel fans await the final launch of Chanel products online.

Lauren Craddock is a Staff Writer. Email her at


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