High Fashion, College Wallet: A.P.C. F/W 2015


A.P.C.’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection paid homage to the brand’s 1987 beginning. Known for its minimalist designs, clean lines, and sturdy jeans, designer Jean Touitou carried on this legacy in the 2015 collection. It is well known that A.P.C. doesn’t plaster their brand name on all of their designs: the clothing’s simple aesthetic has alone created brand recognition. This look is perfect for transitioning weather, and because of the nature of the garments, it is easy for college students to recreate with their own basics.

The warm, neutral hues of the skirt and sweater can be switched out for black and gray, navy and light blue, or any other dark-light pairing. The color blocking in the look makes a bold statement yet is not difficult to pull together before class on rushed mornings.


Start with a camel colored sweater, a cozy base layer. Any sleeve length will work, but crew necks are sleek and will work well with the rest of the lines in the outfit. The Cable Knit Crop Top ($39.90) from Zara is a trendy option: warm enough and textured but versatile because it’s sleeveless.

Next, pick a simple skirt that’s a darker, more saturated color. It should be in the same color family as the top so they complement one another. To recreate the A.P.C. look, try the Cotton Jersey Skater Skirt ($6.00) from Forever 21.

Add a bright coat to bring interest to your outfit. One that is boxier with a large collar, and/or hits above the knee is best for making a statement. ASOS’s Ultimate Slim Coat (on sale for $61.00) fits this criteria perfectly.

Finish the look by parting your hair in the middle and slipping on a neutral pair of ballet flats. Try the Classic Leather Ballet Flats ($29.99) from the Gap. It’s never a bad idea to have a pair of ballet flats on hand because they go with just about every outfit.

Keep makeup mostly natural except for eyes. Try a cat eye or darker liner to make your eyes pop. Minimalist jewelry will work best with this classic color blocked outfit; a thin gold necklace or silver and gold wire stacked rings will add a bit of shine to your look.

Grace Halio is a Staff Writer. Email her at bstyle@nyunews.com.


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