Marc by Marc No More


Unfortunately, the rumors are true. The brand that we all love and adore, Marc by Marc Jacobs, expects to close within the next year. According to WWD, designer Marc Jacobs said, “It just feels like we aren’t doing that job by showing two different collections with two different messages.” With the discontinuation of Marc by Marc Jacobs, the company will focus on unifying its overall vision and redesigning its stores. There will be, solidified focus on the main Marc Jacobs line.

Katie Hillier, creative director, will remain with the brand; however, her partner Luella Bartley has not confirmed her position in the company. Marc Jacobs plans to have a larger range of products under one label, encouraging a unified vision. The merchandise will include both luxury and contemporary products. Marc by Marc Jacobs pieces are basically collectors’ items.

Many wonder how the current stores—primarily in NY and LA—will be impacted. It seems like the main brand will take over the space previously occupied by Marc by Marc thus allowing for the Marc Jacobs name to continue in the retail and fashion worlds. Marc by Marc Jacobs was appealing in large part because of its affordability. It will be interesting to see if the label will decrease some of its price points to maintain the consumer following gained from the previous line.

Lovers of Marc by Marc Jacobs are sad to see the brands discontinued. It seems like the line’s strategy has not benefitted the whole company in an effective manner. One can only hope that the main brand Marc Jacobs implements the contemporary edge that Marc by Marc Jacobs withholds in order to keep a piece of the line alive.

Nikita Metharamani is a Staff Writer. Email her at


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