Man Men: An End to an Era of Television Fashion


The period drama Mad Men is nearing its close with the seventh season airing today April 5. The show centers around a 1960s ad agency in New York City, the men who run it and the women in their lives. From Don Draper and Peggy Olsen to Joan Holloway and Betty Draper, we have seen the best of 1960s fashion. The fashion world has fallen in love all over again with all things retro.  And who wouldn’t with looks like this timeless riding outfit worn by Betty in Season 2 and Megan’s “Zou Bisou Bisou” dress or anything Joan ever wore.


After the show aired in 2007, Michael Kors was the first to display his love for the vintage themes and silhouettes with his fall 2008 show, which he admitted was directly inspired from the television show. Then, the 2009 DKNY show looked like it came directly from the wardrobe of Joan, the ad agency’s office manager.

Banana Republic was most direct with their Mad Men obsession by releasing three lines of Mad Men inspired clothes reflecting the style of the show’s current season.


As the show evolved and changed from the large petticoats of the late 50s to the mod styles of the late 60s, fashion has followed right along as seen in Prada’s spring 2012 show.


More and more celebrities are sporting the shift dress, mod patterns and gorgeous tweed jackets. Mad Men, just as all great television series do, has impacted us far beyond the hour it airs each week. Just as Sex and the City reinvented fashion from 1998-2004, Mad Men has taken its place over the past eight years. We’ll just have to wait and see what new television show will capture our hearts once Mad Men ends. Until then, we can eagerly await the fashion that will be showcased in its final season.

Madison Reis is a contributing writer. Email her at


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