Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Edition


Spring is officially here. With a whole new season, comes a whole new wardrobe. Spring colors, prints and florals are starting to takeover, so there are some items in your closet that should be left with winter. Reorganizing a closet can be a huge project. To keep with modern fashion, a closet should be cleaned out and renewed every 6 months. But for college students, a simple reorganization will do. Springtime has traditionally been a time of rebirth and renewal, therefore a perfect time for self reinvention through your wardrobe.

In the spirit of Spring cleaning, the first step to the seasonal transition is to remove everything from your closet. By doing so, nothing can be left straggling in the back to collect more dust bunnies. This also allows for you to see the entirety of your closet.

Next, divide your wardrobe into four piles: keep, store, toss and sell/donate. The store pile is strictly for costly winter items that you will reuse (i.e. heavy coats, snow boots that have not been destroyed by New York slush, etc.). To determine the items that go into their respective piles, try on everything. You will be surprised by the amount of clothes you brought to college, thinking you would wear but have never even touched. Questions to ask yourself about each item include: Does it fit? Will I wear it in the next 6 months? Is it torn it damaged? Does it represent my current style? Is it seasonally appropriate?

Since spring weather is especially unpredictable in New York, there are a few transition pieces to definitely keep a while longer before storing. This includes light jackets, rain boots, sweaters, light knit tights and beanies. Although from time to time tights are still acceptable, spring is the time to start flaunting your legs. In choosing what to keep, take advantage of the opportunity to bring back skirts, dresses and on warmer day, shorts. Keep wearable items that range in length from just above the knee to midi.

Once a majority of your four piles are finished, organize the keep items back into your closet, put away the store items in a bin to keep under the bed or deep in your closet and toss the worn out clothes that are not functional.

For the sell/donate pile, if you don’t have an eBay account, many thrift shops exist within the city that will buy your clothes, such as Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea, Beacon’s Closet in Greenwich Village and Crossroads Trading Co in the Flatiron District. Consider also joining the NYU Facebook group “Free & For Sale.”This is the easiest way to sell clothes fast, as you can create your own prices, post pictures of the items and message directly with those who buy it. Finally, donating your clothes to charities such as Goodwill or Salvation Army provide a philanthropic alternative.

Looking into the new season, there are a few trends to keep in mind. A huge trend for this season is the shirt dress. The shirt dress is ideal for spring as fabrics can range from cotton to fleece. Also, don’t be afraid to add more color to your wardrobe. Other trends to keep in mind when revamping your wardrobe are fringe, romantic laces and denim. Now that your spring cleaning has come to an end, you are left with a freshly rearranged closet and some room for new spring clothing.

Lauren Craddock is a Staff Writer. Email her at bstyle@nyunews.com


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