How To Deal with the Slush

With the snow piling up and taxis rushing by, the streets of New York have never seemed grosser. The transition from winter to spring makes each day’s weather unpredictable. Battling slush becomes a daily challenge, right up there with finding a pair of matching socks or doing your eyeliner with identical winged tips. However, with the right pieces, you don’t have to battle the New York weather.


Starting from the ground up, it will be important to invest in a pair of rainbows, or some kind of stylish waterproof footwear. Hunter Boots are well worth the investment and double as a snow boot when you add Hunter Boot Socks to keep your toes warm. They are a versatile choice that can take you through more than just the rainy season.

A more stylized option are chelsea boots. ASOS and J Crew both carry cute options that look great with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. A more sporty option  is the Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Polartec. Paired with your favorite denim and a cozy sweater, you can’t go wrong.

Doc Martens, which may already be in your closet, are a wise choice as well. They are sturdy and waterproof, ensuring that walking around the city will be a breeze. Add a pair of wool socks with any of these shoes, and you’ll be sure to stay warm.


Clothing & Accessories

Leggings and jeans are go-to items on days when the city weather won’t pick one form of precipitation. On dryer days (excluding unavoidable puddles and slush banks) don’t be afraid to opt for a skirt and sweater ensemble with tights and high socks for added warmth.

Layering is key; when the sun is shining in the morning and the wind is whipping at night, all you’ll have to do is zip up your jacket or add a thick, knit scarf. Long winter coats are ideal for days with heavy rain or snow, protecting you from the elements all the way down to the knee. Uniqlo is a reliable resource for sensible winter basics.

On the more unpredictable days, a thick sweater with a vest, hat, and scarf is a smart choice. Beanies and circle scarves are staples for this odd transitory season. American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 have selections in a huge range of colors sure to go with any outfit.

Although the streets are disgusting and the snow can change to rain in a matter of minutes, don’t be disheartened. It is all part of the New York charm and will not last long.


Grace Halio is a contributing writer. Email her at bstyle at

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